About Us

Call Yourself A Nerd is a place where we can geek about everything we love. Our goal is to share our thoughts and opinions on most pop culture subjects, although we will branch out when there is something that really does interest us. We are a bunch of sarcastic know-it-alls and we aim to prove it.

Who are we exactly?

Ricky – Well, here goes. I enjoy so many things. As far as comic books, I’m mainly a Big Two reader but still enjoy books from other publishers like Walking Dead. Movies have invaded my mind. I love all sorts of movies from romantic comedy to science fiction. I also grew up staring at a little thing called television. I’m a big fan of animation to this day, but really I mostly enjoy sitcoms. I’ve recently returned to reading these things with words on paper, but oddly enough there are no pictures. I think they call them books. I love video games, but I can no longer call myself a hardcore gamer.

Less about what I like, and more about me? If I have to…

Out of the three of us, I am probably the most vocally critical, or “nitpicky” as my brother would put it. I’m not the “get in your face type, but I do want you to know the negative as well as the positive.

Danny –  Let us get this out of the way, I am the asshole of the group. I most definitely be the one that will say something inappropriate. I do not really apologize for that, because really I am usually being sarcastic or to have some fun. There is probably some subtext to what I say, but I will leave it up to you to find.

What am I interested in? Puppies, cuddling, chocolate…

Really I am into comic books, movies, cartoons, anime, video games and anything that really catches my eye. I am a visual person and I will tend to lean towards those fields. I am open to stuff, but I know what I like. Does that sound like a contradiction? It will not be the last time.

Natalia –  Firstly, I am not sarcastic, nor am I a know-it-all. I am probably the MOST humble and un-know-it-all like person in the bunch. Perhaps this misconception comes from the fact that i am usually ready with a clever (Well, i think i am clever anyways) comment at any given moment. Is it really so wrong to speak your mind or point out obvious things in order to keep the conversational ball rolling smoothly? It is? Oh… well… whatever.

Secondly, what do you need to know about me??? Well, i read an awful lot. I listen to music constantly. I love reading celebrity gossip ( guilty pleasure). Pretty much anything Pop Culture related is a topic I can discuss… well, not sports. Yeah… having a sports conversation with me is tragic. Oh, and typically i do not capitalize my I’s.

What do you think?

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