Episode 1: Going Nuclear

Episode 2: Shawarma

Episode 3: We Gon’ Die

Episode 4: Do It

Episode 5: DC New 52 Special

Episode 6: Summer Movie Special

Episode 7: Ifs and Buts

Episode 8: Egg On Your Face

Episode 9: Jesus Healed

Episode 10: Jynx

Episode 11: Credit Where Credit’s Due

Episode 12: Orel Messed With My Mouth

Episode 13: Holy Tangents, Batman

Episode 14: What I Was Saying…

Episode 15: This Is Not A Trilogy

Episode 16: Temporary Tourettes

Episode 17: Dude Bro Wars

Episode 18: The Stretchy One

Episode 19: Fall Video Game Special

Episode 20: The One with PAX

Episode 21: Brought To You By The Number 8

Episode 22: Tolkien Danger Cult

Episode 23: I Promise It’ll Get Bigger

Episode 24: I’m More Right Because I Talk Louder

Episode 25: Team Bus Throwers

Episode 26: By The Numbers

Episode 27: We Always Watch Trailers

Episode 28: Don’t Derail This

Episode 29: Fartsparkle

Episode 30: My Mouth Goes Off Before My Head

Episode 31: All I Want For Christmas…

Episode 32: Bone Shanks

Episode 33: The Late One

Episode 34: Golden Glasses Awards

Episode 35: Trease It

Episode 36: Engress

Episode 37: Reach Around

Episode 38: The Bone Connection

Episode 39: Quit Dying

Episode 40: Brain Dead Ricky

Episode 41: Badass… Dumb

Episode 42: Deathspike

Episode 43: Kirsten Dunst is the Worse Part of This Episode

Episode 44: Nerd Gangsta

Episode 45: The Pluggy One

Episode 46: Gold Jibs

Episode 47: The Talking Stick

Episode 48: Slowest Rapid Fire Ever

Episode 49: Exactly What It Sounds Like

Episode 50: Totes Google Fu

Episode 51: Steady Steep Decline

Episode 52: The Load is Blown

Episode 53: Pronoun Citation

Episode 54: I Am… Iron Rant

Episode 55: Clear Eyes

Episode 56: Spoilers: Not the Spoiler One

Episode 57: Spit Takes & Swallows

Episode 58: Colonization : Deconstructation

Episode 59: Game of Thrones Spoilercast

Episode 60: Boobisoft – E3 Special

Episode 61: Nerd Emotion

Episode 62: Assonance Abuse

Episode 63: Long Talk of the Dead

Episode 64: Segue This

Episode 65: Anger Mismanagement

Episode 66: Dropping Candy

Episode 67: A Call Yourself A Nerd Joint

Episode 68: Lurching

Episode 69: President Gangsta Superhero

Episode 70: Biggest Cock on the World

Episode 71: PAX Prime ’13 Special

Episode 72: Innocent Racism

Episode 73: Cock Crap

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