CYaN Podcast Episode 34: Golden Glasses Awards

cyanWelcome to the first ever Golden Glasses Awards presented to you by Call Yourself A Nerd. We have decided on a number of categories and decided the winners (and in some cases, the losers) of the awards. It was a hard and gruesome process, hopefully for your benefit!

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Best Movie – Skyfall

Best Surprise – Dredd

Best Cult – Perks of Being a Wallflower

Biggest Letdown – Prometheus

TV Shows

Best Series – The Walking Dead

Best New Series – House of Lies

Video Games

Best Game – Halo 4

Best Surprise – Gotham City Imposters

Best Indie – Fez

Biggest Letdown – Dishonored


Best Series – Uncanny X-Force

Best New Series – Saga

Best Story Arc – Nobody (Batman and Robin)

Best Crossover – Omega Effect (Daredevil/Punisher/Avenging Spider-Man)

Best Creative Team – Brian Azzerllo and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman)


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