Top 20 Nerdy Movies to Excite in 2013

Loads of movies for all types of nerds fill up the upcoming year. Let’s countdown the top twenty movies that will excite us in 2013.

Head past the jump for the list.

20. R.I.P.D. (July 19)

Based on the Dark Horse comic book, starring Ryan Reynolds who is a recently killed cop who joins the R.I.P.D. in the afterlife to find his killer even if it brings him to hell. A very unique story for anyone looking for something new.

19. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Dec 13)

The sequel to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which comes to theaters only next week. I will be honest, I do not know if the Hobbit movies will be good but I’m enough of a fan that I will look forward to this one already.

18. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Nov 22)

The second movie in the Hunger Games Trilogy will bring Katniss back to the arena in what is simply an all-star Hunger Games. How will the heroine fare against past winners?

17. Epic (May 24)

Blue Sky Studios bring another amazing looking movie, even if it will always remind me of Ferngully. The art style and creative design for the creatures in this miniature world has already sold me.

16. Evil Dead (April 12)

The remake from first time director Fede Alvarez brings us back to the horror of the 1981 original. It will be interesting to see if they go completely horror or add a little camp as Sam Raimi did in the sequels.

15. Now You See Me (June 7)

The magician heist movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. Honestly, I have waited for this Zombieland reunion since the credits started rolling from their last film.

14. After Earth (June 7)

This sci-fi thriller stars Will Smith along his son Jaden Smith. The concept is solid enough to hook me, then again M. Night Shyamalan directs and he has no quality movie to his name for almost a decade.

13. World War Z (June 21)

Based on the Max Brooks book, this movie has reworked the story to focus on Brad Pitt’s character and include fast zombies. I adored the book, but changes have me a little more than worried.

12. Monsters University (June 21)

The prequel to Pixar’s smash hit Monsters, Inc. shows us how Mike and Sully meet in during their years in college. Maybe a return to something familiar will bring back good outings from Pixar.

11. The World’s End (Oct 25)

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite for another comedy. This time five friends are on a pub crawl with the goal of a pub called “The World’s End” but it soon becomes clear that this is more important than they realize.

10. Oblivion (April 12)

Up and coming director Joseph Koninski brings his stylized view to a decimated Earth. Tom Cruise stars as drone-repairman who stumbles upon a mystery that leads to a lot of action and some curious questions.

9. Kick-Ass 2 (June 28)

The follow-up to the surprise 2010 hit brings back the woefully under-prepared superhero. In the sequel, we will see Red Mist completes his transformation into a real life comic book villain.

8. The Wolverine (July 26)

Let’s try to look past X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In this movie, Hugh Jackman reprises his role and ventures to Japan where trials and tribulations await. After X-Men: First Class, I will be giving an honest chance for any future X-Men movies.

7. Thor: The Dark World (Nov 8)

Thor and Asgard go to war with the Dark Elves. It will be interesting to see the way Marvel Studios handles the Dark Elves in a decidedly science-filled reality.

6. Elysium (Aug 9)

Neill Blomkamp returns to the director’s chair after his critically acclaimed District 9. Blomkamp with the help of Matt Damon continues another look into human equality with this sci-fi epic.

5. Man of Steel (June 14)

I am wary of this film because good Superman films are hard to do, but I have faith especially with Christopher Nolan and David Goyer writing the story. Hopefully, Zack Snyder can add instead of take away from the film as well.

4. Iron Man 3 (May 3)

Robert Downey Jr. returns to face off against the Mandarin. There is not much that does not already sell me for this movie, I will watch it as soon as possible.

3. Pacific Rim (July 12)

Guillermo del Toro returns to directing after more than five years, and I am more than excited to see his work. Not to mention, we have giant mechs fighting with the Godzilla-like monsters known as kaiju.

2 . Ender’s Game (Nov 1)

One of the most beloved books of this century finally makes it to the big screen. After a series of amazing performances, Asa Butterfield takes on the role of the humanity’s last hope.

1. Star Trek into Darkness (May 17)

J.J. Abrams continues expanding his Star Trek universe with this sequel. It should bring all the fun and thrilling excititment from the first film with the added villainy of Benedict Cumberbatch.


Did I miss something? Or more excited for something else? Let us know in the comments.

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