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Music News: 20/20 to be a two parter?

Justin Timberlake apparently just let his creative flag fly while in the studio because there were too many songs for just the one album. Rumor has it, he is splitting the tracks in half and having 20/20 volume two ready to drop in November of this year. Hmmm…. right in time for my birthday.

Jimmy Fallon broke the news on his music forum page after spending a week with Justin, Questlove and the roots. (Have you guys watched the barbershop quartet version of Sexyback? Its great.) Justin is trying to break out of the usual path of pandering to 18 year olds. He wants to make music that will appeal to the more mature generation as well as the ‘after 86 sect’. He told Jimmy,

“why do we put all of our power in the hands of 18 year olds….i wanted to make a joint that 40 year olds would love too.  and by the time the video came out all the 86 after sect were aboard again.”

Part one of 20/20 is available tomorrow, so head to your local independently owned record store to purchase your copy, or scrounge up those iTunes gift cards!

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