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Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir

Rafael Grampá is a superbly talented artist who has done some work for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Go ahead and check out his Flickr to see some of his amazing work. He has a very unique style that definitely sets himself apart from most artists.

Recently, Grampá worked with Absolut and fans on Facebook to write a story about a private eye who sees ideas. He then teamed with Red Knuckles animation to transition his 2D concept into three-dimensional animation. The result? This beautiful short that creates a world and character I would love to see more of. Take a look for yourself.


See Something Cool: Blackmeal – Marvel

Blackmeal describes itself as a “creative production company developing and producing projects… from television and cinema to web and multiplatform…” I love Marvel Studios tag, but if they expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe into animated features, then maybe this would be more appropriate?

See Something Cool: PostHuman (NSFW)

Featuring a beautiful animation style set in an unknown future, this shorts captures the twisted action and sci-fi spywork that would make a wonderful series in about four and half minutes. Check it out but there is definitely explicit action and nudity so use caution.

This short from colliculiproductions reminded me of Heavy Metal in all the best ways. I definitely would love to see this get expanded into a full series.

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