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Skyfall Review

What You Need to Know:

Daniel Craig returns to the role of MI6 agent, James Bond, under the watchful eye of Sam Mendes (Jarhead). He is joined at MI6 by the perrenial Dame Judi Dench and newcomers Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, Ben Whishaw as Q, and Naomie Harris as Eve. MI6 must take on the mysterious and sinister Silva played by Javier Bardem. This film chronicles the story as Bond hunts down a terrorist who has stolen a hard drive which contains the identities of all NATO agents currently undercover.

Warning: I try to avoid spoilers in my reviews, but sometimes it is inevitable. Keep that in mind as you proceed past the jump.

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Skyfall is Coming

We’ve been getting a few glimpses of Sam Mendes’ new Bond film, Skyfall, but now we get a full-blown trailer. This trailer gives us a good sense of the story. The identities of undercover MI6 agents has been stolen under M’s watchful eyes. 007 is benched as only a secret agent can: shot off a moving train. A very intense threat is bubbling toward the surface in the form of Javier Bardem’s slightly effeminate but extremely dangerous Silva. We also get a glimpse of Ben Whishaw as a brand new Q. Have a look for yourself.

Skyfall Trailer

Bleeding Cool has released the new trailer for the new 007 film, Skyfall. Check it out:

Not too much on details. We definitely get to see a lot of the modern Bond action sequences that I enjoy. I really hope the meaning behind Skyfall is kept a mystery, but the words I would have said in response to Skyfall: “Anticipation”.

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