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New Artist – The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a relatively new artist in the PBR&B genre.

Wait… the what genre? PBR&B (a portmanteau of the popular hipster beer Pabst Blue Ribbon and R&B) is one of those buzz terms used to describe a stylized alternative to the more contemporary R&B; also known as Hipster R&B. Another notable new artist in this genre is Frank Ocean. Let’s continue…

So The Weeknd just released an album, “Trilogy”,  which is a compilation of songs from his independently released mix-tapes and a few new songs.
I have listened through this album a couple times and i feel like his songs have potential to be great, especially once he has been polished and drops some of the more repetitive aspects. There is a fine line between catchy and whiny and unfortunately some of The Weeknd’s tracks cross the line. Over all though, the album is really easy to listen to and has great melodies. I think that if you are a fan of this obscure genre that you will be pleased.

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