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Game Show Night at PAX Prime 2013

I know I’m late with this video, but it’s still good.

Ricky and I along with my friend JJ and some friends we made in the line for the panel were lucky enough and picked to play as part of Game Show Night at PAX Prime this year. The game we played was Family Feud, just like the TV show. The basic rules are that random people are given several questions and we would have to figure out which answers would give us the most points.

Head past the jump to watch as we try our best to guess what the general audience voted for.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 71: PAX Prime ’13 Special

Well, this week’s podcast was a little late but we had a good reason! We were at PAX Prime in Seattle and had a lot of fun. Listen as we talk about some of the games we played this past weekend.

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PAX Giveaways

The entire weekend of PAX Prime we’ll be giving away different things if you’re able to find us.

Follow us on twitter: @callyouanerd for more details.

Update Day 1: Just follow us on twitter and find Ricky on the floor. You’ll receive a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art book designed by Chip Kidd!

Aftermath PAX ’12

Good afternoon, internet.

I will be forgoing Cheap Date this week, as there is really nothing I would recommend; in fact I would recommend saving your money this week in anticipation of a release next week.

Any way, today I will leave you with some videos and photos from PAX Prime. Also we now have a YouTube Channel for our videos and such.


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CYaN Podcast Episode 20: The One with PAX

Good afternoon, internet. We have another CYaN podcast for you, with hosts Danny and Ricky. While we talk about a few other things including the upcoming season of Star Wars: the Clone Wars; we mostly talk about conventions this week especially PAX. Enjoy!

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