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Sound City’s butterfly Effect.

“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. ”

This documentary chronicles how a studio changed music history forever. Beatles mania lead to the creation of Sound City, their Neve board lead to Fleetwood Mac and on and on. So many bands were born there and it shows how much Sound City meant to these artists. Dave Grohl had his pick of participants for this documentary and created a soundtrack to commemorate its influence in rock n’ roll history.

I highly recommend this for music fans and pop culture enthusiasts. Maybe you history buffs would enjoy it as well. Audibly amazing and equally stunning visually. Dave Grohl’s enthusiasm for this project really shaped this documentary into something rare. You begin to care for this delapitated building just because of the influence it has had on so many people. Grohl’s featured guests are all top notch and watching them perform together in Studio 606 is a once in a lifetime moment captured on film.

This is a must watch.

Dave Grohl’s Keynote speech for SXSW

The man with a plan this week is, hands down, Dave Grohl. His documentary ‘Sound City’ was released this week along with the amazing soundtrack. I have been playing the bonus features like crazy to try and wrap my mind around the massive-ness that was SOUND CITY. Do you know who recorded there? That is a question for another post, but a hint will come from a performance by the Sound City Players that are performing at this year’s SXSW.

This year Dave Grohl is the keynote speaker.  For all of us that have watched a Dave Grohl performance (TV or Live), you know he is a well spoken and outgoing presence. I would have just attributed these qualities to years of performing, but he humbly credits his folks, saying:

“My father wrote speeches for politicians in Washington and worked on Capitol Hill for 20 years. My mother is a forensics coach. She’s a public-speaking coach, so she teaches debate and she’s a brilliant woman … So one of the things I know to do is not to read a speech.”

His confidence in this year’s speech stays on the right side of modest, as he admits that Bruce Springstein’s speech last year is going to be a hard act to follow. He jokingly remarked,“That was like the Gettysburg Address. He laid it down.”

The speech is taking place in Austin 12pm EST, and for those of us unable to attend it is being streamed live. Since this is a live post, I will be updating once a video of the full speech is available. Stay Tuned.

Update and Full Speech Now Available after the jump Read More…

CYaN Podcast Episode 33: The Late One

cyanSorry about this late one from last week. Our hosting site decided to move over to Amazon and was down for the week. Either way in last week’s episode; we cover more movie trailers including Oblivion and Star Trek Into Darkness, movie rumors and casting news, as well as talk about Karen Berger leaving Vertigo. Hopefully, you will still enjoy this late episode.


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