Gone Girl – Book to Movie

Gillian Flynn really pulled out all the stops when she wrote Gone Girl. It is a story of a husband who is publicly accused of murdering his missing wife. There is more to the story, but it is worth a read and the small details really add to the suspense of the overall story.

The movie is rumored to deviate from the novel which for many of the fans is important. For the non-readers out there here is the trailer for the motion picture starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as main characters Nick and Amy Dunne. For those of you who have already read it stick around after the jump. Let’s discuss the mixed feeling we have.

Thar be spoilers ahead.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 104: Ricky Needs to Let It Go

Happy Easter/Four Twenty, whichever is your preference. On this week’s episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast; we talk about comic book news, Days of Future Past trailer, Hearthstone, and other musings.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 103: Drawing a Blank

Danny and Ricky bring you a brand new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast; where we talk about TV shows, movies, games and some other nonsense.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 102: 90% of the Time I’m Always Right

No April Fool’s joke, we have a brand new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. This week; we talk about trailers, Raid 2 and Captain America The Winter Soldier.

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End Credits – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Acclaimed Captain America writer, Ed Brubaker, has already stated this may be the best movie Marvel Studios has made yet.

Captain American: The Winter Soldier releases worldwide today. It is an excellently thought-out and fun film, we’ll have a review for you later. But in the meantime, here’s a little history lesson explaining the end credits scene.

It should go without saying, but SPOILERS for the end credits scene. I won’t spoil the movie, but if you want to know more then bash your way past the jump.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 101: Rage on Top of Rage

On this week’s episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast; Danny and Ricky talk about a lot of new movie trailers and the season finale of The Walking Dead (nerd rage be damned).

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New Joker Mask Frightens All with Batman Set


Reported by Bleeding Cool; DC Comics is set to release a special box set with their Batman “Death of the Family” trade paperback in September.

What’s so special about this mask? Well if the above image doesn’t tell you, then swing past the jump to read what’s up.

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First Trailer Reveals the Ninja Turtles


The first trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just released. Of course there is some trepidations with rumors of how Michael Bay wanted to handled the franchise.

I won’t say the trailer surprised me, but it was a different trailer than what I would have expected.

Ninja your way past the jump to watch the trailer with a few thoughts afterwards.

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More Mutants in the Second Days of Future Past Trailer

Days of FuturePast

Fox just released the second X-Men: Days of Future trailer which showcases more of the mutants especially the original X-Men fighting the weird looking Nimrod Sentinels in the future.

Blast past the jump to watch the trailer.


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Writing Prompt Challenge: The Witch’s Son


I like to think that we’re decent writers here on the site. Usually, we’ll just post a podcasts, a few trailers and sometimes an editorial or review. But we’re trying to hone our craft. So that’s why I challenged Natalia to a writing contest of sorts. We took an image from the internet and crafted a story that would be around 1000 words. Hopefully do a lot more.

All credit for the art goes to Lauren Nichols; which is found here.

We’ve uploaded the stories to FictionPress [Danny's story and Natalia's story], or if you want head past the jump to read our stories.

Either way, we would love to hear some feed back. Or if you have a drawing or art that you would love to hear a story about drop us a line. Thanks!


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