The Return of a Nerd

First thing’s first… I wanted to apologize to anyone who became a regular visitor to our site at any point. Unfortunately, life got in the way of our little passion project and posts eventually came to a screeching halt. I’m sorry.

Okay! Now, that’s out of the way. Personally, I will be coming back and posting to this site again. So why should you trust me? You shouldn’t. And while I did apologize for the sudden halt on content on this page, I’m not looking for approval. That’s the thing.

I stopped writing because I wasn’t writing what I wanted. I thought I was at the time. I was reporting on the nerd news of that day! But I’m no news man. I’d find something out from a “real” news site and then regurgitate those facts. What my posts were missing were my thoughts. Yeah, I put in my two cents about most things, but it was almost always an after thought. That’s why eventually it was primarily the podcast. Sure, we argued and complained, but it was what I honestly thought about the things that I love or love to hate.

So then why am I coming back to this? Well, because while I do have plenty of folks to chat with about all of this stuff, I still have this small part of me that wants to share these thoughts with the world. It’s the egotist in me, sure. But it’s also fun. And I’d love to have fun with anyone who’s willing to read and join in on the conversation.

So I’m back. I’ve told Danny and Natalia that I’m gonna start writing on here again. I don’t know if they have any desire to jump on here again, but they are most welcome to join in.

And now to end this off… Thank you to anyone who stumbles onto this site and enjoys themselves.


What do you think?

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