Hi, I’m Danny

Now is the time to introduce myself, I guess. Let me start by saying…

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

A simple way to say hello. Of course, the quote comes from the Jim Carrey classic, The Truman Show. Isn’t it funny how short lines from films or books can express a lot of meaning. I am nowhere near as good of a writer to throw down some unforgettable personal quote to show the world all the crass that I have to offer. But leading off with a quote shows you, the reader, more about myself. I enjoy using written or spoken quotes to help define the thought I have.

The quotes come from a cornucopia of sources. I grew up reading comics and have yet to give it up. Hell, I have yet to grow up, and I still enjoy the cartoons of today. Most of my learning experiences came from the movie screen. And the hand-eye coordination I have come from excelling at video games. (Note from Ricky: Cocky much?)

I am a nerd, a dork, a dweeb. Whatever you want to call me. I am obsessive over pop culture (thank god there are wikis). I enjoy being a kid inside an adult body. I wear goofy t-shirts and enjoy my slippers that look like Mickey Mouse feet. I still marathon game with friends. I am even anticipating my next chance to play some Risk Legacy.

Beyond enjoying the fantasy of it all, I am in love with the mythology. When I was little, I enjoyed the mythologies. Anytime that would be brought up in school, I got excited. The fantastic thing about mythology is that it is ever-present today. We may not have gods playing with the seasons, but we still have the ideas that inspire and frighten us. Instead of flying with Helios as he rides across the sky in his fiery chariot, today we fly with Superman as he saves the day. Instead of wondering how Osiris will judge us in the afterlife, we fear Freddy Krueger with his nightmares.

Long story short: I like a lot of stuff and those interests often influence me. I would like to share my interests and their influences. Enjoy!

About Danny

I blog at CallYourselfANerd.com as well as make videos on our YouTube channel. Come by and check them out.

What do you think?

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