Cheap Date: June 27th

This week was definitely a little easier when I was paring down the choices, let’s just say that this week it will decidedly one category will dominate your entertainment schedule. This is Cheap Date, where I will recommend nerdy entertainment for your week all under thirty dollars. Have fun.

Games – $25

You may remember my review of the first episode of Walking Dead from Telltale Games back in April. Well, the second episode is dropping this week; yesterday on XBL then Friday for PSN and Steam. The first episode was a work of art that may have been better than the show and close to the greatness of the comic book series. The great thing about this game is that it is only $5 to play each episode. If you did not like the first episode then you do not have to pay for the rest of the game. But if you are like me and pre-ordered the entire season, then you already spent the money and this game is coming to you for free this week. Your decisions, big and small, follow you to help shape the story. Not to mention that there are zombies!

The next two recommendations for games are DLC and require you to have the game, but playing these games is a must so you should already have these games.

First off, the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim has dropped (again early on XBL then on other systems). This expansion to one of the best games of the year or even this console generation brings some new yet familiar features. As some may know after the completion ofSkyrim, the coders began work on personal projects involving the game. Each of these projects where things that were not in the game at release, but many are being added with this expansion. First off the Dawnguard part of the DLC allows you to become a Vampire Lord or join the Dawnguard to fight the vampires. You also gain crossbows, new skills and perks, and you can even ride an undead horse! There is a lot more to this download that you can find you by playing.

The other DLC is the extended cut for Mass Effect 3. This DLC is completely free for everyone. There is not much added, but it changes the ended that many fans were not originally happy with. You can replay the game to find an ending that may be better suited to your tastes, or it may wreak your experience completely. Either way it is more Mass Effect to play. I have personally enjoyed all the Mass Effect 3 DLC because it has all been free to this date, mostly due to its multiplayer nature.

That will be it for this week in our little Cheap Date. I may have only focused on video games this week, but it will definitely keep you busy. This week you will explore more of Skyrim with your Dunmer or one of the lesser races, help Lee Everett protect Clementine from zombies, and find out what “really” happens to Commander Shepard.

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