Cheap Date: Oct 24th

Ahh, what a wonderful Wednesday afternoon! There is no better time for a brand new edition ofCheap Date to roll through. For those that are new to the site; on Cheap Date, I recommend a few pieces of nerdy entertainment that I think people will enjoy for the week and it will cost you no more than $30. Being a nerd is expensive so limiting that can help out in the long run.

Head past the jump to find out what I recommended this week.

Comics – $17.95

Fables #122

Many fans may say that the series has jumped the proverbial “shark,” but after the tragic and wonderfully written “Cubs in Toyland” arc then I have to say that Fables is back, baby! In this issue, we take a little break and discover how fate works and what does it mean to these immortal, literary characters. Gene Ha lends his amazing artistic skills to this issue.

Bravest Warriors #1

Are you a fan of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time? Well, you are in luck then. The creator of Adventure Time is starting a new series called Bravest Warriors and to introduce you to the world they are printing out a mini-series. The story follows a group of teen, space heroes who fight evil with the power of their emotions. Weird, right? But so is Adventure Time.

Marvel’s End of an Era

A whole slew of creative teams are ending their long-standing runs on several series this week in preparation for the upcoming Marvel NOW! shuffle of teams and books. You can take your pick, but these are my favorite books that I am sad to see end. Captain America #19 ends Ed Brubaker’s epic run that included the return of Bucky, the death of Cap, and more! FF #23 ends Jonathan Hickman’s fantastic run on Fantastic Four and FF with future Franklin teaching young Franklin how to be a god! And Invincible Iron Man #527 ends Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca’s team up on Tony Stark, a personal favorite.

Movies – $11

Cloud Atlas

The new films based on the book stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry comes out this weekend. Cloud Atlas intertwines several storylines throughout time and provides a grand scale of epic adventure. Alright, that sounded like I was talking out of my ass. But ever since I saw the trailer, I have been anxiously awaiting this movie. Hopefully it is a great drama that does not trip over itself.

TV – Free

MLB World Series

Yes, I am recommending a sporting event to watch. Nerds can watch sports. Hell, you can be nerdy about sports. Plus it does not hurt that my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, are playing in the Fall Classic. Either way, there are few events that can capture the nation’s attention like the World Series. Not to mention, you can find awesome movie-like moments like the following one from the 9th inning of the 7th game of the NLCS.


I hope you are able to enjoy my recommendations and that you will come back next week for another edition of Cheap Date.

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