Cheap Date: Nov 21st

Happy Thanksgiving this week people! I hope everyone have some fun and filling plans this week, but if you need some inspiration on what to entertain yourself with then you came to the right place. This is Cheap Date, where I will recommend no more than $30 worth of nerdy entertainment to fill your weekly quota.

Hit the jump for my weekly recommendations.

Most places are closed Thursday and will have crazy sales on Friday, so a lot of great things have come out this weekend. Hopefully there will be something to your liking here.

Comics – $18

Judge Dredd #1

This long-standing UK comic is being reintroduced to American audiences with a brand new series. This is a great way to start learning about the character since the series printed in 2000 AD has a long history that may scare away some neophytes.

Captain America #1

Marvel NOW! continues to release with yet another title that should interest comic book fans. Rick Remender and Jon Romita showcase their skills as they portray Captain America as a man alone against a brand new world.

Amazing Spider-Man #698

I unfortunately had this one spoiled for me, but I will not do that to you. All I will say is that you need to pick up this issue as we head to the milestone finale in issue #700.

Wonder Woman #14

Another of my must-reads from DC comics show Diana facing off against another deadly family member. It is difficult to miss great scripts by Brian Azzarello and wonderful art by Cliff Chiang.

Fables #123

I have been a long time fan of the Fables series, but the story did not peak my interest for some time. Then the infamous “Cubs in Toyland” storyline came through and wrecked my dreams, now we get to see how Bigby played with his destiny.

Movies – $11

Rise of the Guardians

I watched this movie last night and I adored the hell out of it. It was not a knock out of the park, but it really got to the little kid inside of me. There are a few other movies coming out this weekend, but I think Rise of the Guardians is the best one for this time of season.

Games – $1

The Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle

There are a lot of sales for games this week, but the best deal out is this package from Double Fine. If you donate at least $1 you can vote for your favorite pitches out of 23 ideas. Then next week, Double Fine will live stream the development of four prototypes and you get each one. I am always a big fan of the Humble Bundle and this team-up makes it impossible to say no.

Hope you enjoy everything that I have recommended and a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. See you all next week for another edition of Cheap Date.

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