Cheap Date: Jan 9th

After a week off, I welcome you to a brand new Cheap Date. The first week of the year was very light and difficult for me to find anything to recommend, but this week is a delight. Remember for Cheap Date, I will recommend a few nerdy items to entertain you for the week and all of it together will be no more than $30. Great deal, right?

Head past the jump to read my recommendations.

Movie – $11

Gangster Squad

The wait for this movie is worth it. You can check out Natalia’s review. The movie is a great action/thriller with an amazing cast. One of the first movies of the year and it may already be one of my favorite gangster movies.

Comics – $17

Star Wars #1

We have Brian freakin’ Wood writing a Star Wars comic book, as if his work on Conan the Barbarian was not successful enough especially for a licensed book. Do not hesitate, buy this book.

Superior Spider-Man

Whatever your thoughts about what Dan Slott has ultimately done in Amazing Spider-Man, he is a phenomenal writer. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt when this new series starts with a Doc Ock infested Spider-Man.

Animal Man #16 & Swamp Thing #16

I have always had a weird fascination with reading Elseworlds stories and alternate universes. Rotworld gives a morbid pleasure trip for me. Each respective issue will show us more about what happened to Batman and Metropolis.

Marvel Universe vs. Avengers #4

I honestly do not know where this book came from. As soon as I picked up the first book, its claws grabbed me. As I just mentioned, I love alternate universes. In this one, we will see the finale of Hawkeye trying to save the world all by his lonesome.


That will do it for me this week. I hope you will enjoy everything I recommended on this week’s Cheap Date. See you next week.

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