Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Updated

Previously Marc Webb tweeted out an image of the eye for Spider-Man’s mask, hinting at it being updated for Amazing Spider-Man 2. There was rumor and speculation that it may hint at a darker Spider-Man, maybe an introduction of the black costume or even Venom. This week, the image of the updated costume hit the internet.

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As you can see; the eyes, the web spacing, and the layout of the red and blue are a little more in line with the traditional costume.

I enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man immensely and I still have a fond place for the original Sam Raimi trilogy, but I never felt that any of the costumes was Spider-Man leaping off the page. I have never felt that way, until now. This costume, even though it still has carry-overs from previous movie iterations (the spider symbols on front and back, the cell texture of the costume), looks as true as I have ever seen a Spider-Man costume. Looking at it, the image almost reminds you of your favorite artist’s rendition of the Webhead.

I love it.

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