I have fond memories of playing Bomberman on numerous consoles. The panic and the outsmarting of other players made the game one of the most addicting piece of fun I have ever run into. Now there’s a way to do that in your browser with a lot more people.

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Bombermine is an HTML5, browser-based game. It hosts up to 1000 players at one time and includes all the tricks and tactics that we have all fallen in love with the original Bomberman. They have added a few kinks into the mechanics, such as bomb crates that scatter bombs everywhere when you blow them up and loot to boost your score.

The fact that Bombermine is browser-based, leads to some very unproductive moments in the day. And I’m even more excited about the possibilities since the game is still in Beta (they have already made mention of stat-tracking and user login to keep everything all nice and tidy).

This will be a time-killler for me for weeks. I will be playing under CallYourselfANerd, maybe you have the pleasure of trapping me with a bomb sometime soon.

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