Cheap Date: Mar 13th

Welcome to another edition of Cheap Date! This is where I recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment for the week for anyone cash strapped but still wanting to enjoy some of the fun things being released.

Go past the jump to read this week’s recommendations.

Comic – $4

Batman #18

After great story from Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated #8 involving the death of the current Robin, this week we see some of the ramifications. Handling one of the stories is none other than our favorite Scott Snyder’s take on the Batman’s coping, plus we learn a little bit more about Harper Row.

Game – $15

Darkstalkers Resurrection

One of my favorite fighting games has finally come back as a downloadable title in Darkstalkers Resurrection, which includes Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. The fighting is great and fun with a fantastic art style.

Movie – $11

Spring Breakers

Warning: Red Band trailer NSFW

One of the most interesting stories to come along to film this year and it has to do with scantily clad girls on spring break with James Franco as a K-Fed wannabe. While Jim Carey might end up swaying me this weekend with some magic, Spring Breakers actually looks to be a well shot film that will be talked about for a bit.

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