First Full Length Trailer for The Wolverine

Yesterday saw the release of the first full trailer of The Wolverine, right off the heels of the 20-second teaser released on Vine.

Slash past the jump to watch the trailer.

The trailer brings up a lot of interesting ideas, which if executed correctly may make it one of the best Wolverine movies to date (of course, I could the first three X-Men movies as Wolverine movies). The idea of having a non-healing Wolverine very visceral. Previously you never had to fear what would happen to the character like in other works of fiction because he would also heal from the injuries (disregard the adamantium bullet). But now every time Wolverine pops his claws brings him more anxiety and problems which allows for greater drama.

Since the X-movies have become hit or miss, I had my doubts for this film but damn it if I’m not sold on another Wolverine movie.

What did you think?

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