Cheap Date: May 8th

Welcome to a brand new edition of Cheap Date, where I will recommend nerdy entertainment on a budget. Everything I recommend today will total no more than $30 and will keep you entertained for the week.

Head on past the jump to read my recommendations.

Movie – $11

The Great Gatsby


The classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, comes to the silver screen this weekend. Not only does this give us an American classic in a visual medium; we will also receive an audio treat as Baz Luhrmann directs. As with previous movies, Luhrmann fuses great music with a visually stunning look that will leave you breathless.

Games – $16

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine


The surprise indie game Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine hits XBLA this week after a delay (It is already available on Steam). Work cooperatively with different classes to steal and sink your fingers into riches. If you enjoy playing cooperative games, then this one is a must-buy.

The Humble Double Fine Bundle


The Humble Bundle is back at it. This time they have teamed up with the fine folks at Double Fine. The Humble Bundle is a pay-what-you-want deal that allows you to pay anything for a set of games ($1 is necessary if you want Steam codes). The games from Double Fine are some of the best adventure games to ever be released. Pyschonauts alone is a classic worth your time.


That will do it for me this week. Hopefully you enjoyed everything I recommended. Come back next week for another edition of Cheap Date.

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