Loot Crate Catch-Up

Been a while since I’ve talked about Loot Crate so I thought I would play catch-up, share our unboxing videos and talk a little bit more about the service.

Head past the jump to read about the new craze on the internet.

Subscription boxes are the new hip thing. For a fee, you receive a monthly shipment from the service which will contain a grab bag of goodies (usually following a theme).

Loot Crate breaks out as the favorite of the bunch. They go for a more nerdy box that the staff here definitely enjoy. Each month, they ship out a box filled with goodies; usually one big item with a handful of small but still really cool items.

Here’s how it works: you head over to their website, pick one of their three plans (monthly, every 3 months, or every 6 months), sign up for their newsletter to receive an additional 10% on your initial order (best to do this with the 6 month plan to get the best bang for your buck), and then wait until the 20th when the boxes ship. They ship from LA so it may take a couple of business days, depending where you live.

And it’s that simple!

There’s a growing community of people grabbing more loot each month. Every month arrives a mystery; but always entertains with great items like shirts, figures, and little knickknacks that I never knew I needed. I definitely look forward to each drop from Loot Crate.

If you want to see what sort of items come in a Loot Crate; check out the playlist of our unboxings especially this month’s video with a “Varsity” theme and featured Video Game High School.

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