Catch the Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer

The first trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier airs in theaters alongside the release of Thor: The Dark World, but of course it’s hit online before then.

Leap past the jump to watch the trailer.


First off, it’s going to be interesting watching the transition from a war movie to a political thriller. Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce looks to play the perfect foil to the wholesome values of Cap. Comparatively; it will be someone who has gone through the Cold War against Cap, who’s war was a little more black and white.

Then there’s the Winter Soldier who looks all kind of bad ass. I know they beefed up the Red Skull in the first film to make him more of a physical threat, but it’s going to be something else watching Cap face off against another soldier, another warrior. There are some spoilers that I won’t get into, but I’m interested to see how they handle it in the movie.

This trailer goes balls to the wall and has me hyped for this chapter of the Captain America story.

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