Ride Along – Movie Review

Ben (Kevin Hart), a high school security guard is trying to impress the  intimidating-detective-brother of his girlfriend, James (Ice Cube). Finally, he is accepted at the police academy, but James is not ready to give his blessing for Ben to marry little sister Angela. The solution? A  Ride Along!

When you watch the trailer for this movie you can pretty much guess the plot line and, at least in my case, you are going into the movie for the quick one liners and running gags. Kevin Hart’s rapid-fire dialogue will not let you down.

I thought this was a really fun movie. I liked the mix of action and comedy, it kind of had a rush hour vibe in that way. Kevin Hart is hilarious against Ice Cube’s tough cop. There are so many obligatory cop movie gags, but they were so funny I really did not mind knowing the next move.

I will definitely be picking this up from Redbox as soon as I can. It may have been the theater full of laughing people, but I found myself laughing out loud pretty much the whole movie.

If I had to pick a best moment, I would have to say when Ice Cube proclaimed, “Today, was a good day.” It was the perfect line at the perfect time and c’mon we were all waiting for it. A close second would be the big gun deal towards the end, Kevin Hart really made that scene his bitch. It was amazing. Worst moment? I guess that this movie was not very original, the cast did a great job following the tried and true formula.

I think that as long as you go into the movie expecting an action-comedy cop film you will not be disappointed. If you are expecting Inception… well, maybe you should watch the trailer again. haha.

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