First Trailer Introduces the Guardians of the Galaxy

The first trailer for Marvel Studios’ newest entry, Guardians of the Galaxy, just aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight; causing this nerd to be increasingly excited. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way after watching it for yourself.

Leap past the jump for the trailer and a few more in-depth intros.

“Who?” For a movie setting up characters that most novice fans would have never heard of; they spend a lot of time introducing the “heroes.” The trailer breaks it down as easily as possible while showing a great sense of humor (at least for someone as sophomoric as me). The Guardians have a long history but Marvel is keeping it simple and only revealing most of the current comic book lineup as its cast. If you wanted a more in depth look at each character then I have a little treat for you…

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord

StarlordThe character of Quill has a long and varied history; meaning his origins have changed a few times. He’s either half human/half cyborg or half human/half alien royalty. Either way, he will be the audiences connection to these characters. Quill is a brash character that may look out for himself but often enough sacrifices for the greater good.


GamoraRemember the weird chinned, purple guy at the end of Avengers? Well, with his fascination with death, he went on to train the deadliest woman in the galaxy. How does she repay him? Trying to kill him.

Drax the Destroyer

DraxDrax was bred for one goal: to kill Thanos. He lost his family and was then brought back to life with that one thing on his mind. He’s fairly brutish but shown a few moments of kindness as well.

Rocket Raccoon

RocketRocket is a raccoon that usually wields rockets and other large weaponry. He’s often the real comic relief of the team, but more in a “He’s so adorable. Oh, god! Why is he ripping off my face?” kind of way.


GrootGroot will only say one line, “I am Groot.” While he may seem simple, he is actually the king of a race long-extinct although he can be resurrected if there is one piece of him left to be planted.

Those are your Guardians of the Galaxy. The odd-bunch of super heroes.

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