The Pull – Thoughts About Comics Week 1 2015

This week on The Pull, Spider-Verse rages on, a new Marvel Cinematic Universe friendly Ant-Man series begins, Iron Fist takes a beautiful journey through hell, and Batman captures the Riddler. Read after the jump to get my thoughts on 2015’s first week of comics that caught my attention. Remember to comment and leave your own thoughts on this week’s comics or suggests books that I should be reading.

The Amazing Spider-Man #12 – Spider-Verse Part 4

W: Dan Slott; A: Giuseppe Camuncoli

It’s strange to think that we are winding down to the last few parts of this event. Dan Slott has been laying down much of the groundwork since introducing Silk. You could even argue this goes back to Miguel O’Hara’s appearance in Superior Spider-Man. With all that planning and pan-dimensional hijinks, I’m curious how this lays groundwork for this summer’s Secret Wars event.

While appearances of Leopardon robots, Spider-Cowboys, and “Speed Buggy”-esque Spider-Mobiles are enjoyable, I do wonder what’s left as far as fan-service can go. The last two parts of this story are likely going to focus in quite a bit to finish off this story. So what’s left to wrap up in two issues plus a handful of tie-ins (which haven’t been required reading)? They need to rescue Benjy Parker, read the Master Weaver’s scrolls and figure out the roles of the Scion, Bride, and Other, and defeat the Inheritor’s. I also wonder if the identities of Karn and the Master Weaver will be revealed. Master Weaver does seem to have a more important role than things seem to let on.

Ant-Man #1

W: Nick Spencer; A: Ramon Rosanas

As far as intro issues go, this one was fairly hit-and-miss. It could be character of Scott Lang who I never really bought into. I also don’t like that while Scott mentions his own death, there is no mention whatsoever of Cassie’s temporary death or even her short-lived career as a Young Avenger. Her resurrection just recently occurred as part of Avengers World. Victor Mancha, who as a Runaway has teamed up with Cassie on the Young Avengers, makes no mention of Cassie.

So what did work? A 4 page recap of Lang’s origin seems to fit well with introducing the character to new readers. I definitely have a strong understanding of who Scott Lang is as a character moving forward, whether it is consistent with previous comics or more in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The one thing I haven’t decided whether I like or not is the series. As usual I will give it a couple issues, but while I mentioned this issue sets up the character, it does not necessarily capture an ongoing story.

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #8

W/A: Kaare Kyle Andrews

Has there been another comic series that I’ve read that I’ve felt so indifferent to the story but absolutely loved the art? Probably cuz I do like pretty pictures. This issue however does buck that trend a bit. Just a bit. Danny Rand goes on a quest to rescue his mother in the pits of hell. Andrews’ monochromatic journey is beautifully illustrated and kinetic. I’m also a fan of the “Game of Death” inspired costume change.

Batman: Eternal #40

W:Scott Snyder/James Tynion/Ray Fawkes; A: Davide Furno/Paolo Armitano

I thought it was a little too easy when they seemingly implicated the Riddler as the mastermind a few issues ago, but if there is anything I should have learned in this series, nothing is ever what it seems. Just like Falcone and Hush before him, Riddler was another red herring. He knows who is behind everything but he’s not telling Batman. Meanwhile, the Gotham Underground has been fitted with Batman’s old weapons and a “sleeper” attacks Gotham Gazette. And Corrigan finally makes it out of the tunnels with Maxie Zeus, but it looks like he’s got the Village of the Damned to face down.

Also, it looks like we are just about to catch up with Batman #28 in which Catwoman holds Spoiler captive knowing she can save Gotham. So what will we likely see in the next few weeks? Catwoman gets ahold of Spoiler. Batman meets Bluebird for first time, in costume.

Last week’s cover reminded me the Court of Owls has been MIA since Talon’s cancellation. Could this be the return of Lincoln March who would know about Batman and Bruce’s artillery and ties?

What’s coming up next week on the Pull List?
  • Batgirl #38
  • Batman Eternal #41
  • Grayson #6
  • The Walking Dead #136
  • Avengers #40
  • SHIELD #2
  • Silver Surfer #8
  • Spider-Verse #2
  • Star Wars #1

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