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Do Toys and Batman Ruin Female Super Hero Movies?

A little while back, I had a conversation with some friends about comic book movies. It stemmed from Iron Man airing on TV; which led to someone mentioning how much they disliked Pepper’s portrayal in Iron Man 3 as the “damsel in distress” until the climax of the film. They argued that the movie fails to optimize her character in lieu of a trope, but let’s put aside the fact that Pepper has almost always been an ancillary character.

The conversation then moved on to “Why are there no comic book movies featuring a female heroes?”

Where am I going with this? Well, with recent news that Katee Sackhoff may play a major role in an upcoming Marvel Studios film (which is hopefully as Captain Marvel); I thought I would give my thoughts as why there have been no successful comic book movies featuring a female hero and how the sales of toys and success of Batman hinders a movie coming out.

Fly past the jump to read what I have to say. [Warning: I’m going to be wordy.]

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Censorship in Comics Continues

There is only one subject that I encroach upon being preachy and that topic is censorship. Censorship primarily in comic books, especially since that is my preferred medium. Today we learned of a brand new case of censorship in which Apple has banned the release of Saga #12, which releases tomorrow, from all apps on any Apple device (although there are workarounds).

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