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Hey you got your 8-bit all over my iPod!

The boyfriend is all into 8-bit stuff and I am into music in general. So I have gone on a quest to find a middle ground and though not perfectly what I am looking for I have found some amazing things. I began my search on Sound Cloud and immediately my eye was drawn to Super Morrissey Bros.

I have a weakness for the Smiths and was compelled to click it. What I heard was the audible equivalent to the invention of the Reese’s peanut butter cup. It was the voice of my long lost game boy, but it was eerily also This Charming Man.

I love music, but when it comes to 8-bit… unless it is playing behind an Italian plumber on a never ending quest to save a princess, I really do not care for it. However, for the sake of my oh-so-nerdy-gamer boyfriend I try to understand it. Now i think i finally do. The artist is on Sound Cloud as Lazyitis and also has 80s classics: Just Like Heaven – The Cure and Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Click the link to experience something nerdy. (<—- Link) Enjoy!

Feel Good Friday Playlist

Oh my god! I know it is cheesy to say outside of an office environment, but T-G-I-F! This week has pretty much sucked and I have decided that I will not let the little things bring down my Friday. I have kept my head down and busied myself with tedious paper pushing and somehow willed the weekend to arrive.

So as a necessary therapeutic measure, and in celebration, I made a Feel Good Friday Playlist. These playlists have my favorite feel good songs and I hope you check them out and boost your mood.

As with my Flashback Friday Playlist  a few weeks back, this playlist comes in two flavors. On your left we have the old school feel and on your right we have the new school feel.  Enjoy!

(Click to Em-biggen!)

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