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“Blink to the Future” – A Mash-Up for the Ages

There was one series of movies that influenced my understanding and love of time travel stories. That would be Back to the Future. The simplicity of time travel in that movie followed by the complexity of the follow up made time travel movies a requirement. I’ve been blessed by some amazing mind-bending stories, and I’ve been burned by some poorly plotted wrecks. But this love for chronal adventure led me to a great series from across the pond by the name of Doctor Who. Starting with the relaunch, I’ve followed Christopher EcclestonDavid Tennant, and Matt Smith play the mysterious Doctor. But now a dream I didn’t know I had has come true. Animator James Farr (jamesfarr.com) has made an incredible mash-up. Take a look.

Awesome, right? And just throwing this out there, I would wear a DeLorean Tardis shirt everyday if there was one.

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