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Writing Prompt Challenge: The Witch’s Son

I like to think that we’re decent writers here on the site. Usually, we’ll just post a podcasts, a few trailers and sometimes an editorial or review. But we’re trying to hone our craft. So that’s why I challenged Natalia to a writing contest of sorts. We took an image from the internet and crafted a story that would be around 1000 words. Hopefully do a lot more.

All credit for the art goes to Lauren Nichols; which is found here.

We’ve uploaded the stories to FictionPress [Danny’s story and Natalia’s story], or if you want head past the jump to read our stories.

Either way, we would love to hear some feed back. Or if you have a drawing or art that you would love to hear a story about drop us a line. Thanks!


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Snack Shack featuring Mega Stuf Oreo

A while ago, Ricky and I did the Mexican Coke Challenge; comparing the highly popular Mexican Coke and our standard American Coke. I’ve always wanted to follow it up with some more snack videos, especially since we both have a sweet tooth. Oreo recently released a “limited edition” Mega Stuf version of their cookie, so we tried some of the cookies.

Snack past the jump to watch the video.

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Crowd Funding: An Explanation and An Opinion

Hello Nerdy Friends!

I just wanted to drop some knowledge and  share a video that I enjoyed. If you listen to our podcast you hear the guys talking about Kickstarter quite a bit. I keep reading about these discussions all over the net, is Kickstarter being exploited by celebrities? Is Kickstarter moving away from their original platform? Are people taking advantage of it?

Kickstarter is one of the sites that is using crowd funding for community projects. Crowd funding is basically a way for people to pool their funds and support efforts by other people. This can be funding for artists, small businesses, disaster relief, inventions, research, and civic projects.

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Hit Record Has a Show!

Like many other people, the Call Yourself A Nerd staff are big fans of Joseph Gordon Levitt and will support his stuff.

Not to long ago, Natalia introduced me to JGL’s production company Hit Record. It is a fascinating concept and I hope the best things for the company. But just this week they released a video announcing some big news.

Hit the jump to watch the announcement.

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Loot Crate: “Cosmos”

Just received this month’s shipment of goodies from Loot Crate. Two months into using the service and I already received something I completely geeked over.

Head past the jump to see what I received in the “Cosmos” themed Loot Crate.

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A Dose of Viral Video

Have you guys seen this? I love the lyrics and the vocals are not bad either. Enjoy the After Ever After!

Loot Crate: “Doctor”

Loot Crate is a new service that will ship you a package full of nerdy things monthly. The service has not been around for very long, only a few months, but I have jumped on to see if this is worth the money.

Hit the jump to find out what I looted from the “Doctor” themed crate.

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RWBY Serenades with the White Trailer

The creators of the machinima Red vs. Blue, Rooster Teeth, have started releasing trailers for their first original/non-machinima based web series called RWBY. Rooster Teeth has been known for their hilarious videos, but have ratcheted up the intensity of Red vs. Blue when they brought in animator Monty Oum. Monty Oum gained his internet fame when he released his video of Master Chief from Halo versus Samus Aran from Metroid.

Now RWBY shows some of the action Monty has brought to Rooster Teeth along with his passion for anime. Hopefully when the series premeires in July at RTX in Austin, Texas; we will some of the great humor that Rooster Teeth is known for.

Hit the jump to watch the recently released White Trailer along with the first trailer featuring Red.

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“Blink to the Future” – A Mash-Up for the Ages

There was one series of movies that influenced my understanding and love of time travel stories. That would be Back to the Future. The simplicity of time travel in that movie followed by the complexity of the follow up made time travel movies a requirement. I’ve been blessed by some amazing mind-bending stories, and I’ve been burned by some poorly plotted wrecks. But this love for chronal adventure led me to a great series from across the pond by the name of Doctor Who. Starting with the relaunch, I’ve followed Christopher EcclestonDavid Tennant, and Matt Smith play the mysterious Doctor. But now a dream I didn’t know I had has come true. Animator James Farr ( has made an incredible mash-up. Take a look.

Awesome, right? And just throwing this out there, I would wear a DeLorean Tardis shirt everyday if there was one.

Mexican Coke Challenge

Good morning everyone. We have a special treat for you here today. We at Call Yourself A Nerd think you can call yourself a nerd about anything; a nerd about comics, music, books and even Coke. Yes, we got nerdy about coke. Instead of the Pepsi/Coke challenge we decided to test the highly popular Mexican Cokes against a regular American formula Coke.

Hope you enjoy this one.

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