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NBC’s Constantine Conjures Up a Trailer and Clip

The past week, TV networks have begun revealing their fall line-up which included cancellations of shows. With the cancellations of shows comes new content and different stories.

NBC gave us the first look at the new TV series based on the DC Comics/Vertigo character, Constantine. Relatively unknown actor, Matt Ryan, will fill in the role of the chain-smoking exorcist.

Cast a few wards to get you past the jump to watch the first trailer and clip provided by IGN.

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Truly Outrageous

If this happens I think I will forgive the universe for trashing my childhood through reboots.

The Girls with Chemical X are Coming Back

Personally, I believe the cartoons that came out during the late 90’s-early 00’s were some of the best American animation to come out on TV which included Cartoon Network’s “Cartoon Cartoons” block. “Cartoon Cartoons” introduced many of us to Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog and the heroes from Townsville: The Powerpuff Girls.

Last year, they revealed that an hour-long CGI special, titled The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pants R-EVIL-ution, will bring the lovable trio back to the screen. Today, we found out the special will finally air next month on January 20th at 7:30PM.

I cannot wait to see how well they adapt a favored series without the original creator’s input.

Fly past the jump to see the full poster for the special.

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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap Episode 106: F.Z.Z.T.

A pair of troop leaders tell their boy scouts a scary story. The older leader, Mr. Cross, claims to hear a humming and wanders to the dark woods to investigate. As the younger troop leader passes out snack, a cup begins to float beside him. Mr. Cross begins yelling in the forest. The younger leader leads the troop into their truck. In the distance, Mr. Cross continues to scream. A lightning bolt strikes the car ripping the car’s battery out of the hood. After silence spreads through the woods, the troop investigates. The troop discovers Mr. Cross dead… floating mid-air.AgentsofSHIELDLogoHIt the jump to continue reading but expect some spoilers. Read More…

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap Episode 104: Eye Spy

A mass of men in identical outfits and red masks enter a subway in Stockholm. A woman surveys the group and after closing her eyes, she follows. A group of the men board a train quickly followed by the woman. The train departs. The red-masked men notice the woman as she watches them. She closes her eyes and smashes a nearby panel. Unseen violence ensues. By the time the train arrives at the next station, the men are all unconscious save for one. His hand is severed, and the brief case attached is gone. And so is woman.AgentsofSHIELDLogoHIt the jump to continue reading but expect some spoilers. Read More…

Agents of SHIELD Recap Episode 103: 0-8-4

Big rig truck rolls down the highway. Trucker gives the all clear when a black unmarked SUV pulls alongside. The drivers acknowledge each other and the SUV takes point. Before long, the SUV flies off the road. The trucker panics and calls dispatch. This is an undercover SHIELD convoy. The trucker, Agent Mack, changes route and a secondary SUV moves up to take point. The second SUV is flung off the road moments before the big rig levitates in the air. Agent Mack cannot explain the attack when the big rig crashes to the ground. A team of soldiers board the truck to find Dr. Franklin Hall.AgentsofSHIELDLogoHIt the jump to continue reading but beware spoiler ahead. Read More…

Guillermo del Toro Gives The Simpson a Fitting Horror Tribute

Our favorite director/monster designer, Guillermo del Toro, graced us with this year’s intro to this year’s “Treehouse of Horror.” The Simpsons have enjoyable couch gags, but with their Halloween episode it’s brought to a whole new game. And seriously del Toro just sprinkles enough of his own work as well as homages to great horror movies in the intro.

Honestly, if the episode is as good as this then it may become one of my favorite episodes.

Look past the jump for the video… IF YOU DARE!

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Walter White Obituary

Walter White Obituary

Local Albuequerque high school teacher raised funds to post this in the obituary section of the local Albuequerque Journal. Wow, and I thought I was a fan. I wonder how many donations will be received? hmmm…

R.I.P. Walter “Heisenberg” White
We miss you already

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap Episode 102: 0-8-4

The Bus is up in the air and Coulson is reporting all clear. The air-traffic controller mentions a dust-up on the ground. The hole explodes in the side of the Bus and body flies out. Since when would using Lola to catch up with the plane is a “dust-up”? It wouldn’t. Flash back to nineteen hours earlier. Skye is officially joining the team as a consultant, much to Ward and May’s displeasure. Fitz and Simmons give Skye the grand tour while Coulson puts his foot down. After another “magical” Tahiti mention, Coulson explains to Skye what an 0-8-4 means. It is an object of unknown origin, and the last time they found one? A hammer in the New Mexico desert.AgentsofSHIELDLogoHIt the jump to continue reading but expect some spoilers. Read More…

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 Recap: Felina

BBThe show that has kept all of us on the edge of our seats has come to an end. I am really pleased with how this series ended. I felt like this episode really brought the story full circle and though the characters are left broken, that is not a permanent state. I really recommend that you watch the episode first, but if you missed it I am happy to let you know what you have missed.

Hit the jump for a complete recap including songs:

**Spoilers Walt did not become a damn lumberjack! (Still super mad about Dexter). ** Read More…

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