NBC’s Constantine Conjures Up a Trailer and Clip

The past week, TV networks have begun revealing their fall line-up which included cancellations of shows. With the cancellations of shows comes new content and different stories.

NBC gave us the first look at the new TV series based on the DC Comics/Vertigo character, Constantine. Relatively unknown actor, Matt Ryan, will fill in the role of the chain-smoking exorcist.

Cast a few wards to get you past the jump to watch the first trailer and clip provided by IGN.


The trailer looks fantastic, despite signs of a budget constrained by TV. Matt Ryan appears to fill the role of Constantine quite well, although I’m waiting to see more of the “asshole-ness” that I’ve enjoyed in the Hellblazer series.

Ricky and I mentioned it during this week’s podcast, but there is some concern with Constantine falling in the Friday night at 10 PM slot this Fall. I hope to see the success of Hannibal translate to this occult story and show us a few things that may not fly any other night.

Alas, we have to wait until fall. As you wait, here’s the show’s first clip for your pleasure.

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