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NBC’s Constantine Conjures Up a Trailer and Clip

The past week, TV networks have begun revealing their fall line-up which included cancellations of shows. With the cancellations of shows comes new content and different stories.

NBC gave us the first look at the new TV series based on the DC Comics/Vertigo character, Constantine. Relatively unknown actor, Matt Ryan, will fill in the role of the chain-smoking exorcist.

Cast a few wards to get you past the jump to watch the first trailer and clip provided by IGN.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 99: Have We Mentioned Titanfall?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy today with a green beer and a new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast. This week; we obviously talk about Titanfall then we go into some comic book movie and TV news.

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Wolf Among Us Trailer Bites Down

While everyone anticipates the continued story of Clementine in season two of Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead, they were busy working on another game to fill the void. Based on the Vertigo Comics series, Fables, Telltale plans to release Wolf Among Us soon.

The game will feature Bigby Wolf as the main character in a pre-Fables setting that will allow us to see some of favorite characters that are not around anymore. Bigby plays the noir detective archetype as the sheriff of Fabletown. The game looks to feature a lot of story, murder, and suspense.

Huff and puff your way past the jump to watch the first trailer.

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Six New Titles From Vertigo in the Fall

  sndm_promo_highresAs Neil Gaiman’s Sandman helped usher in the new line of comics as it transitioned from DC Comics proper to their Vertigo line, Morpheus will help usher in a new renaissance at Vertigo. The New York Times has revealed that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman prequel, now titled Sandman: Overture, will begin October 30. But that’s not all. Also on the schedule are six other titles including another Gaiman-inspired book. What are they? Let’s take a look.


Hinterkind – This comic takes place in “a post-apocalyptic world in which the creatures of myth and legend have returned” written by Ian Edginton (2000AD) and art by Francesco Trifogli.

HINT_Cv1The Witching Hour – An anthology one-shot featuring short stories exploring witchcraft by the talents of Kelly Sue DeConnick, Cliff Chiang, Matthew Sturges, and more.

Coffin Hill – A dark fantasy about a mysterious force left buried since the Salem Witch Trials combining the fantasy author Caitlin Kittredge and artist Inaki Miranda.


The Dead Boy Detectives – Edwin and Charles, ghost detectives originating from Sandman #25, will have a new series handled by Toby Litt. Fables‘ Mark Buckingham will also provide layouts and painted covers.


The Discipline – Fellow Vertigo debut author Peter Milligan tells the story of a woman amidst a shadow war. It is also described as an “erotic thriller” (kinky!). Leo Fernandez will be on art duty.

Suiciders – Lee Bermejo tries his hand as both writer and artist in a tale of two boxers on opposite ends of the spectrum in a futuristic Los Angeles.

Check out the Vertigo site for more details.COFFIN_Cv1

Cheap Date: Mar 27th

Good morning! We have a brand new edition of Cheap Date on this hump day to help you find a few things to finish out the week. In this article, I recommend a slew of nerdy entertainment available this week and the best part about it is that altogether it will be no more than $30.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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Cheap Date: Feb 20th

Happy Hump Day everyone on this short work week and welcome to a new edition of Cheap Date. For the article, I recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment to fill up your week.

Hit the jump to read the recommendations.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 33: The Late One

cyanSorry about this late one from last week. Our hosting site decided to move over to Amazon and was down for the week. Either way in last week’s episode; we cover more movie trailers including Oblivion and Star Trek Into Darkness, movie rumors and casting news, as well as talk about Karen Berger leaving Vertigo. Hopefully, you will still enjoy this late episode.


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Neil Gaiman To Write More Original Sandman

25 years ago, the first issue of Sandman was released on to shelves. Written by Neil Gaiman, it became one of the most beloved series of all time. It is one of the defining comics in my own personal life.

Since the series end, Gaiman has occasionally come back to the creative well that he used to redefine comics. Only one of these stories actually focused on the main protagonist of Sandman.

Gaiman is now teaming will an artist who has been described as someone who has redefined how comic are drawn. J.H. Williams III has been literally turning the comic work on its side with his art work. He continues to have one of the most complex and interesting styles in the market.

Together Gaiman and Williams will tell a new Sandman story.

I can not be more excited.

Cheap Date: June 20th

Welcome back to another Cheap Date! If this is your first time to this weekly article, I recommend some nerdy media for you to spend your money on. Great thing about my recommendations is that everything added together will be under $30. A lot for your week worth’s of entertainment.

Games – $15

Quantum Conundrum is a new PC game coming this week from Airtight Games, most notable Kim Swift who previously worked on the original Portal. You definitely get the aloofness of Portal in this game, but instead of portals you now have to deal with different dimensions. Each dimensions have different physics and you have to puzzle out how to unlock the room. Again, this all sounds very familiar if you have played a certain Valve game. Honestly, it looks like they are hammering that fact but I would easily drop $15 for another game just as good as Portal.

Comics – $12

If you are not reading the Saga series by the fantastic team of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, then you are missing out one of the most interesting series to come out and it is early enough to catch up on everything. In Saga #4, we visit the planet Sextillion. This is where I would hypothetically drop the mic and walk off stage, at least for this part.

Another one from Image Comics is Walking Dead #99. The wildly popular zombie series is coming to a milestone with issue #100 already titles Lucille, but before that we need to find out what else happens after a gruesome death from the last issue. My honest assessment is that they might finally “clear out” this cast and start anew with #100, but we still need to wait and see.

Coming from Marvel Comics, Greg Rucka is continuing to reinvigorate Frank Castle in Punisher #12. This issue comes after the fallout of, the Daredevil/Spider-Man/Punisher crossover, The Omega Effect. Now Frank is hunting a former ally. How far will he really go?

While John Constantine may be trouncing around in the regular DC Universe, the more mature version continues his Vertigo series in Hellblazer #292. This one-shot advertises some great tropes as Constantine and his wife watch a werewolf movie only to have memories of sexual urges stirred. Not many books can combine horror and the paranormal like the Hellblazer books can.


A brand new season of Futurama begins with an hour-long premiere tonight. One of the most clever and fun shows on air, continues entertaining fans with their second chance at life. Seriously, watch Futurama and support good television.

Cheap Date: June 13th

After a two break since I was on vacation and then a day late since I was having some jet lag issues, we finally get back to Cheap Date. And what a week to come back! We have a full boat today, I really had to pick and choose to cut it down to $30 but hopefully you will enjoy everything I recommend.

Movies – $10

Indie Game: The Movie was just released to the wild for everyone who may have missed the tour of screenings. Once a Kickstarter project, Indie Game: The Movie covers all those jewels of games being developed by people who may not have the backing of a major publisher, especially the phenomenal games Super Meat Boy and Fez. This is a great film for anyone who enjoys video games, but it is also a fantastic documentary on its own. You can get the movie on their website or if you are so inclined you can grab it on iTunes or even Steam.

Books – $9

Darth Vader and Son has actually been out since April, but it has been sold out in most places until this week. Darth Vader and Son is the hilarious look at how Vader would handle actually being the father of Luke. I’m not always a fan of single page punchline comics, but this one is done well and has the benefit of having Darth Vader in it. Let it be known, that I am actually cheating a bit here as the book retails for $15 but you can grab it from Amazon for $9.

Comics – $10

This week was tough when it came to comics. There were quite a few books that I wanted to pick up this week but had to opt into choosing only three because of everything else out this week.

Vertigo puts out this week a book with one of the best writers and one of my favorite artists in American Vampire Lord of Nightmares #1. This miniseries continues Scott Snyder’s wonderful work with his American Vampire books but now accompanied with the art of Dustin Nguyen. We have not seen Nguyen’s dark side since he was working on Detective Comics.

The next two books come from DC Comics and are also two Batman books. In Batman #10, we get a revelation as Batman fights the Court of Owls in the issue right before the conclusion of the story line. Then in Batman and Robin #10, Tomasi and Gleason continue their wonderful run on this new dynamic duo. In this issue we get a reunion of sorts as a mysterious person has called a meeting of all the Robins, past and present.

That will be all for this week, folks. I hope to see you next week on our nerdy Cheap Date.

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