Cheap Date: Feb 20th

Happy Hump Day everyone on this short work week and welcome to a new edition of Cheap Date. For the article, I recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment to fill up your week.

Hit the jump to read the recommendations.

This week is a comic book filled week with a lot of goodies. So get ready to head to your local comic book shop and grab some floppies.

Comics – $30

Saga #10

Let’s be honest, if you are not reading this series then you are really doing yourself a disservice. It becomes hard to explain what the series is really about especially when this issue features a ghost babysitter.

Locke & Key Omega #3

The final story began in earnest, but not it really begins to pick up as Dodge enacts the start of his plan. The end of a fantastic horror/fantasy series is one not to miss.

G.I. Joe #1

IDW’s take on the Joes has been nothing less than exciting. Get on board with the book as the Joes recover from being ousted by Cobra and now have to work in view of the public eye.

Hellblazer #300

Read the finale of the longest-running Vertigo title as it celebrates everything we love about Constantine. Let’s pray the DC Comics bannered Constantine can hold a candle to this series.

Justice League of America #1

If you enjoy Geoff Johns take on the Justice League, then let’s see if we can enjoy his U.S. sanctioned version with a very unlikely grouping of heroes.

Wonder Woman #17

I can not say enough about this Wonder Woman series. As Diana rounds up her allies, can she save the baby that she failed in the first place?

Green Lantern #17

Geoff Johns legendary, nine-year run on Green Lantern closes on its end with the more revelations and questions about the Guardians.

Nova #1

I was a big fan of the previous Nova series. Now let’s see how a young boy does when he take on the power of the Nova Corps. Plus it’s Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, a terrifically fun creative team.

That will do it for me on this late night edition of Cheap Date. Hopefully, you enjoy the comics I recommended this week and you will join me next for another new set of recommendations.

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