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CYaN Podcast Episode 118: A Whole Other Kind of Gasm

Comic Con was this past week! On this episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd Podcast; Danny and Ricky talk about all the stories and announcements at the world premier pop culture event.

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Throwback Thursday Trades: The Walking Dead Vol. 1 – Days Gone By

After a few weeks farting around, I’m back with another Throwback Thursday Trades and continuing with another Image comic by Robert Kirkman. This week we go back to where it all started for fans of the long running series or fans of the hit AMC drama, The Walking Dead.

Watch out for other stiffs and shamble on past the jump.

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Throwback Thursday Trades: Morning Glories Volume 1 – For a Better Future

Continuing the new article I started the last week with my review of the first volume of the trade paperback for Invincible, I’m back this week with another Image title that I picked up from the Humble Image Bundle that is currently finished. Which book did I pick? I decided to go with something I had not read before but heard good things, I picked Morning Glories volume 1.

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Throwback Thursday Trades: Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters

With the Humble Image Bundle in its final week, I thought I would reread a series that I have always found to be a lot of fun. After rereading the first trade for Invincible, I decided to do a little review and maybe the start of a weekly article.

Fly past the jump to see what I thought of Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters.

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Cheap Date for August 14th

After another long break; I bring to you another new episode of Cheap Date. We’re continuing with the videos where I recommend $30 or less worth of nerdy entertainment for you to enjoy this week.

Hit the jump to peruse my recommendations.

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CYaN Podcast Episode 51: Steady Steep Decline

Good morning. It’s time to start your week with a bran new episode of the Call Yourself A Nerd podcast. This week we talk about Star Wars news, your Google will, new trailers and movie news, the Saga debacle, and definitely some tangents. Give it a listen.

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Cheap Date: Apr 10th

Happy hump day, everyone! Here’s a brand new edition of Cheap Date where I will recommend $30 of nerdy entertainment to help you get through the week.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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Censorship in Comics Continues

There is only one subject that I encroach upon being preachy and that topic is censorship. Censorship primarily in comic books, especially since that is my preferred medium. Today we learned of a brand new case of censorship in which Apple has banned the release of Saga #12, which releases tomorrow, from all apps on any Apple device (although there are workarounds).

Head past the jump to read more.

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Gaiman Returns to Marvel with Angela

Neil Gaiman is returning to writing for Marvel Comics after an extended period away from the industry. What has the world in a titter is the fact that Gaiman is bringing along a character that has never appeared in a Marvel comic but was a main character for another company’s main series.

In case you can not see the big picture, hit the jump to see who it is.

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Cheap Date: Feb 27th

Good morning, internet! Here comes another brand new Cheap Date. For those that are new, what is Cheap Date? It’s for people that may be strapped for cash but still want to partake all the nerdy entertainment that comes out this week, I recommend $30 worth of nerdy entertainment for everyone to be happy with.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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