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Throwback Thursday Trades: The Walking Dead Vol. 1 – Days Gone By

After a few weeks farting around, I’m back with another Throwback Thursday Trades and continuing with another Image comic by Robert Kirkman. This week we go back to where it all started for fans of the long running series or fans of the hit AMC drama, The Walking Dead.

Watch out for other stiffs and shamble on past the jump.

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Throwback Thursday Trades: Morning Glories Volume 1 – For a Better Future

Continuing the new article I started the last week with my review of the first volume of the trade paperback for Invincible, I’m back this week with another Image title that I picked up from the Humble Image Bundle that is currently finished. Which book did I pick? I decided to go with something I had not read before but heard good things, I picked Morning Glories volume 1.

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Throwback Thursday Trades: Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters

With the Humble Image Bundle in its final week, I thought I would reread a series that I have always found to be a lot of fun. After rereading the first trade for Invincible, I decided to do a little review and maybe the start of a weekly article.

Fly past the jump to see what I thought of Invincible Volume 1 – Family Matters.

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