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Cheap Date: Apr 10th

Happy hump day, everyone! Here’s a brand new edition of Cheap Date where I will recommend $30 of nerdy entertainment to help you get through the week.

Hit the jump to read my recommendations.

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Who Is The Next Robin?

Alright, enough time should have passed that this is not a spoiler but two weeks ago in Batman Incorporated #8 a Robin died. Now comes the speculation on who will fill the green shoes of Batman’s sidekick and we’ve been given an idea of who it might be.

Swing past the jump to see who might be the next Robin.

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Cheap Date: June 13th

After a two break since I was on vacation and then a day late since I was having some jet lag issues, we finally get back to Cheap Date. And what a week to come back! We have a full boat today, I really had to pick and choose to cut it down to $30 but hopefully you will enjoy everything I recommend.

Movies – $10

Indie Game: The Movie was just released to the wild for everyone who may have missed the tour of screenings. Once a Kickstarter project, Indie Game: The Movie covers all those jewels of games being developed by people who may not have the backing of a major publisher, especially the phenomenal games Super Meat Boy and Fez. This is a great film for anyone who enjoys video games, but it is also a fantastic documentary on its own. You can get the movie on their website or if you are so inclined you can grab it on iTunes or even Steam.

Books – $9

Darth Vader and Son has actually been out since April, but it has been sold out in most places until this week. Darth Vader and Son is the hilarious look at how Vader would handle actually being the father of Luke. I’m not always a fan of single page punchline comics, but this one is done well and has the benefit of having Darth Vader in it. Let it be known, that I am actually cheating a bit here as the book retails for $15 but you can grab it from Amazon for $9.

Comics – $10

This week was tough when it came to comics. There were quite a few books that I wanted to pick up this week but had to opt into choosing only three because of everything else out this week.

Vertigo puts out this week a book with one of the best writers and one of my favorite artists in American Vampire Lord of Nightmares #1. This miniseries continues Scott Snyder’s wonderful work with his American Vampire books but now accompanied with the art of Dustin Nguyen. We have not seen Nguyen’s dark side since he was working on¬†Detective Comics.

The next two books come from DC Comics and are also two Batman books. In Batman #10, we get a revelation as Batman fights the Court of Owls in the issue right before the conclusion of the story line. Then in Batman and Robin #10, Tomasi and Gleason continue their wonderful run on this new dynamic duo. In this issue we get a reunion of sorts as a mysterious person has called a meeting of all the Robins, past and present.

That will be all for this week, folks. I hope to see you next week on our nerdy Cheap Date.

CYaN Podcast Episode 5: New DC 52 Special

This week we talk about the DCnU. We talk about our must-reads and our favorites of those. We also talk about a few of the 2nd Wave books.

Download the Podcast!

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Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Trailer

We talked about it for a little bit in last week’s podcast, but here’s the trailer for Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City.¬†Take a look.

Sets up the story and shows what is going to be happening. It looks like the majority of the game takes place in Arkham City’s Industrial District where Joker set up camp in the main story. The game will be split as you spend time playing as both Batman and Robin. I’m looking forward to see exactly how much more Batman lore we’ll get from this story. Will there also be more hints to future games (Arkham World?). We’ve only got a few weeks to find out.

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