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Remember Remember the Fifth of November…

I have been kind of obsessed with Guy Fawkes since the Daria episode “Depth Takes a Holiday”. I was sympathetic to this Guy Fawkes dude who, I felt, was mocked for basically being the lamest of the holidays. He was the lead singer of the band “The Holidays” and had a Sid Vicious flair. I had to know who this man was.

I was a bit disappointed when I found out he was not a punk rock god, but rather a cog in the gunpowder treason. The gunpowder treason was a plot to assassinate a king by blowing up part of parliament with him inside of it. Guy was only one of 13 conspirators, specifically in charge of lighting the fuse, but has become the most notable among them. Most likely due to his arrest, torture and ultimately his suicide to avoid execution. Over the years his story has been tweaked into one where he is an action hero, or at least a sympathetic rebel.

V for Vendetta is probably the most culturally relevant example of Guy Fawkes being the face of a revolution. V dons a Guy mask in order to hide his identity and it becomes the symbol of freedom for an oppressed society. In real life, the group Anonymous use Guy masks to hide their identities while making public appearances.

I guess the point is that Guy Fawkes Day is to celebrate that the King was ultimately NOT assassinated. It is a day celebrating his failure, but in pop culture he has been transformed into a hero.

Now that the history portion of the post is complete there is a special treat for all you fellow Fawkes fans. The Remember Remember Poem and V’s amazing introduction speech from the movie V for Vendetta. Enjoy! Read More…

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