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The Secret Service – Mark Millar

secret serviceSo obviously if you have seen the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, you were treated to the trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service. After watching the trailer Danny leaned over and told me it was based on a comic book. A comic book that had just barely come out.

I am always weary of a movie if it doesn’t have a strong base story, but hell, if someone read it and was so moved that they threw millions of dollars to make an action movie right off the bat… I had to read this book!

So Amazon pushed me around for a few days, but finally The Secret Service arrived. I devoured it in basically one sitting and am conflicted. Let’s talk it out after the trailer.

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NOS4A2 – Joe Hill A Book Review

NOS4A2_coverThis book explorers the world created in the mind and the carnage when it spills out into the physical world that we all share. Joe Hill (Locke & Key) has done an amazing job writing this horrific adventure story. His characters are so believable and have you rooting for them as their personal journeys are impeded by each other and their own flaws. Read More…

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Book Review

On the surface, the ocean is light and illuminates life just beneath. However, when you dive deeper, the beams of light begin to narrow and you are left amidst the shadows and the creatures that hunt in the uncertainty. The Ocean at the End of the Lane lies just between. You feel as though you are treading between the last rays of light above you, but wanting to know what lies beneath your toes.

The story begins in the light, an artist returns to his hometown for a funeral. He wanders to a farm where his childhood friend Lettie Hempstock lived with her mother, Ginnie, and her grandmother old Mrs. Hempstock. He vaguely remembers the duck pond towards the back of the property and as he approaches it he begins to remember much much more. He is overwhelmed with long forgotten memories of supernatural beings and truths that pre-date the moon hanging in our sky.

No spoilers…. I promise!

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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


Okay, as you may have noticed by now I am a fan of books that become movies. Actually it seems like recently just about everything on the big screen falls into that category. I found this book after watching the trailer for Warm Bodies. I vaguely remembered the plot from my search for a zombie story that was less gore more heart.

If you have seen the trailer you know that this story tries to make light of the Protagonist,  R‘s, situation; you know… being the walking undead. Here is what you need to know about the plot.

This is a story of star-crossed lovers. She is a teenage girl and he is a zombie who has eaten her boyfriend’s brain. When a zombie eats a human brain, it absorbs all of its prey’s memories and in the case of “R” he absorbs the feelings this boy has for Julie.  R & Julie…. ring and shakespearian bells? R’s ability to love Julie causes a change and its contagious, proving that love truly conquers all.

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The Cemetery of Lost Books

Every couple weeks I go window shopping at my local bookstore. I browse the shelves and take pictures of the covers that catch my eye. I know I know… don’t judge a book by its cover. I have been burned many many times for this particular vice, but this time it has paid off!

I have stumbled upon a series by an amazingly gifted writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafon; The Cemetery of Lost Books. He is a Spanish writer and these books have been brilliantly translated. The cemetery is also referred to as the a place for forgotten books, but that is the only inconsistency I had found.

Zafon’s writing style makes you wonder if magic truly exists. His stories are woven in a way that you wonder if it is supernatural or perhaps an illusion to detract from the man behind the curtain. It is very clever and entertaining. This extends to his characters each of whom has a back-story and easily discernible characteristics.

As I have mentioned before I enjoy when stories share the same universe. This series takes place in Barcelona over a few generations, but you get updates on the amazing characters you grew attached to in the other stories. Each book has its own story and the character is linked to the world through the cemetery and their connection to a forgotten book. I am going to explain this Fight Club style. Read More…

“This moment will just be another story someday.” A Book Review with No Spoilers

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Lately, I have been asked what i thought about this book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I think the fact that the movie is coming out soon is behind the increased curiosity.

This is a straight forward YA novel, but Stephen Chbosky has made it so personal that you cannot help but connect to these characters. The protagonist, Charlie, is an innocent 15 year old boy who is trying to find his place in the world instead of observing from the edges. Read More…

Day Two of the Kingkiller Chronicles: The Wise Man’s Fear

The Wise Man’s Fear

As you may have read I recently finished the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy. I was so impressed that I finished the second book; The Wise Man’s Fear, shortly after and have been trying to put into words what I thought about it. Kvothe develops greatly in this installment and it is hard to sum up because he feels like different people throughout the story.

To recap this trilogy is based on the true telling of the main hero Kvothe’s life. He recounts his life over three days (three books) to Chronicler, a traveling scribe, in order to have the truth out in the world instead of the lavish exaggerated tales. The world in which Kvothe lives contains science, magic and adventure. He attends the university (there is only one) and learns sympathy; a form of alchemical magic. This magic proves most useful in many of his adventures and helps to mold his legend.

This particular installment is filled with Mercenaries, the Fae, Sympathy and so much action you feel a bit dizzy at times. This story has a great message that is used to further the story and helps to develop Kvothe. The thing that keeps this story exciting is that Kvothe is one person in the present who is obviously lost spiritually and in the past is just a boy who is learning about life through his mistakes and amazing adventures. Neither one of these versions of our protagonist is fully realized and it is exciting to ponder where he may end up by the end.

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Day One of the Kingkiller Chronicles: The Message

So as you may have seen previously I am reading the Kingkiller Chronicles Trilogy. I finished Day One yesterday and was so impressed with the whole story. Instead of recounting the story I thought I would tell you what I got from it. So yeah…. here we go.

Thar’ be spoilers ahead…

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