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Album of the Week: Blak and Blu by Gary Clark Jr.

In the age of auto tune and music sampling it is rare to find anything truly original… just as it is rare in a time of electro pop to find a modern blues album. Gary Clark Jr. has created a wonderful album that has a timeless sound and yet remains relevant to today. This is his first major label album and you can feel his roots through the polishing. Each track holds the truth of his style in the blues backbone and it is served to the masses with modern R&B and hip-hop trimmings. He is working with producers of big names like Dr. Dre, Prince, Green Day and Fiona Apple. Despite the professional help, this Austin native somehow manages to make the listener feel as though they are in a blues bar listening to an amazing garage band. See my review and listen to the full album after the jump. Read More…

Flashback Friday Playlist. Enjoy!

It is Friday morning, I am on my way to work and the local radio station is playing a throwback of 90s hip-hop, mainly west coast artists. The DJ is the same guy I used to listen to while walking to middle school and on this unusually sunny Friday morning he has transported me back … way back… back into time.

I probably resemble the opening scene in Office Space, but hey this brings back memories. In fact I used to make playlists like this for my gamer friends back in high school. I mean is there a better playlist to accompany a first person shooter? Doubtful. Very doubtful.

This Flashback Friday Playlist comes in two flavors; the first is for you hardcore folks and the second is for those who just want something to bob your head to. Click to embiggen.


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