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Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Volume 1.

Overall, the album is easy to listen to. Justin has this smooth voice that can transport you to the crooners of yesteryear and yet he has these beats that keep you grounded to the here and now. Suit and Tie is easily one of the best singles on the radio right now. His second single, Mirrors, is also breaking up the monotony of back to back Rihanna songs on every station.

Justin has this sound that is different than what most artist are doing in Pop music right now, but his core song inspirations have remained true to the persona he has created for himself though his solo career. Each song is meant to woo this beautiful young thing that has the potential to be his one true love. Each song pounds this message into your head and I am sure that it will be a hit, but perhaps I expect more. Read More…

Baby it’s cold outside…. So here is your album of the week!

Sssssoo freezzzing. I had to scrape ice off my front and back windshields… The closest I will get to a White Christmas in San Francisco though. Once I got myself inside, and my blood back to a normal temperature, I was in the mood for one of my favorite holiday albums of this century: A Very She & Him Christmas.

This album takes some of the most popular Holiday songs and gives them the indie treatment. Blues guitars and vintage sounds to really make these covers stand out. I enjoy Zooey’s voice and think she puts an interesting spin on many of my favorites. By far, the best track on this album is Baby it’s cold outside where they swap roles and do an amazingly enjoyable duet.

I loved M. Ward’s album this year and the collaboration between him and Zooey Deschanel is always amazing. Yeah I know, completely pathetic indie pop fan here. Yesterday they released a very cute ANIMATED video for their rendition of Baby it’s Cold Outside and I thought I would share. Enjoy with hot cocoa! Read More…

Adele is a Diamond

Adele‘s album “21” has officially gone diamond! This is a huge deal since there are only twenty other albums that have done this. “21” is the 21st album to receive this honor. (love that bit of coincidence)So this is a good time to revisit 2011 and cue up this album on your iPod.

My Top Three Picks: Rolling in the Deep, Rumor Has It, Turning Tables

Album of the Week: Blak and Blu by Gary Clark Jr.

In the age of auto tune and music sampling it is rare to find anything truly original… just as it is rare in a time of electro pop to find a modern blues album. Gary Clark Jr. has created a wonderful album that has a timeless sound and yet remains relevant to today. This is his first major label album and you can feel his roots through the polishing. Each track holds the truth of his style in the blues backbone and it is served to the masses with modern R&B and hip-hop trimmings. He is working with producers of big names like Dr. Dre, Prince, Green Day and Fiona Apple. Despite the professional help, this Austin native somehow manages to make the listener feel as though they are in a blues bar listening to an amazing garage band. See my review and listen to the full album after the jump. Read More…

Album of the Week: Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

This is a band that I took a chance on and it paid off. I had heard “In Time” on the radio over the past week and Danny has been enjoying “Radioactive” which is the second single from this indie-rock band’s debut album Night Visions. I have been listening pretty much non stop to the album this week and reached an overload when “In Time” was covered on last night’s episode of Glee. So perhaps that song will be receiving the Gotye treatment… Let’s not think of that at the moment. Read More…

Album of the Week: Superhero Edition!

Superhero mania…

Both summer hits The Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises had soundtracks with impressive scores, but for those of us who enjoy lyrics and melody over ambiance this post is for you.

I have been going through my library to seek out the perfect Superhero Soundtrack and I came across this album from a few years back, circa 2006. There are a few stand out Superhero songs that were left out, like 3 Doors Down Kryptonite and SuperHero by Jane’s Addiction. Though I think this compilation is pretty good on its own. The tracklist is made up of some original songs and others that are covered by some notable new bands.

So this week’s Album of the Week is: Read More…

Album of the Week… Linkin Park loves listening to Skrillex

Linkin Park’s newest album Living Things has finally arrived.

The reviews I have seen so far have been pretty brutal, but after first listen it is exactly what I have come to expect from Linkin Park.They deliver their album with an easy flow that links each track together and Chester Bennington breaks up the heavy guitar rifts with his seemingly softer tenor that scream sings you through the song transitions.

One of my favorite albums of all time, Hybrid Theory, has been ranked as one of the best albums of the 00’s and has been awarded Diamond status. This band has a distinctive sound that has lifelong fans. I think that Linkin Park would really have to pull a miracle to surpass Hybrid Theory’s success, but I will keep listening just in case. Living Things is a bit heavier on the electronic feel than usual and for a workout album it is not bad. Loyal Linkin Park fans will not be disappointed with this bass-heavy album.

It’s the Album of the Week!

Album of the Week:

B.o.B. – Strange Clouds

This album is a sophomore success for B.o.B. for the most part it has been receiving positive reviews and I agree. I really enjoy his dynamic style and he sets himself apart by being flexible and making songs that fit specific moods. Some reviews I have read say that Strange Clouds has a lack of album cohesion, but as I just said, B.o.B. has this style that can express varying moments and I totally dig it.

He is able to hold his own against hip-hop hard-hitters like: T.I., Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne. Collaborations are nothing new in “Hip-Pop” music, but it is rare for a new artist to stand out when they have a veteran on their track. This star power is a bit elevated from his debut album which featured Hayley Williams from Paramore and international radio favorite Bruno Mars.

B.o.B. has moments where I get a bit of a Kanye West vibe especially on his track Ray Bands. He has confidence that borders on Kanye-sized ego, but the difference is that Bobby Ray is keeping this in check.

So all in all, this man has a way with his lyrics and keeps you bobbing your head to each track. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys this hybrid genre. I will be keeping this album in my car because it is perfect driving music (which means no more back-to-back Gotye! Can you say played-out?)

 B.o.B.: “I’m really excited about this one. You’re always excited about every project. But I really feel like I’m in my groove with this one. I’m more aware of myself as an instrument, as a sound. It’s more intentful.”

My favorite tracks: Ray Bands, So Good, and Out of my Mind.

Album of the week – Time Travel edition… Early 2000s

So this week the new albums were less than amazing so i decided to go back into my vault and pick out three albums that are worth checking out:

The Strokes – I think we can all agree with Rolling Stone when they say that  Is This It? was one of the top albums of the 2000s. This album dropped in the U.S. in October of 2001 and after that you could actually see a change. The music began swaying to that addictive Indie Rock sound and even the fashion began to change. Dudes especially, started saying Good-bye sagging pants… Hello skinny jeans! It is rare when you can have such a significant shift from the success of one album. The music speaks for itself, you have upbeat melodies paired with Julian Casablancas‘ raspy voice and stellar lyrics. This is an album which will be on repeat for days and keep you entertained.  My Top 3 Fav tracks: Last Nite, SOMA, and Someday.

Kill HannahFor Never & Ever is a surprisingly great album. I had heard Kennedy on the radio a few times and thought it would be just another blip on the radar kind of band. A friend of mine insisted that I was wrong, burned me a copy purchased a copy legally, and presented me with it. I was automatically hooked. This band has a way with lyrics that makes you dig deep into the most primal emotions and run with it. Kill Hannah’s Lead Vocalist / Songwriter / Guitarist / Piano man Mat Devine is an amazing frontman. I had the pleasure of catching Kill Hannah while they were opening for Mindless Self Indulgence and I was blown away by their intensity as well as his utter androgeny. ( Nerdy Sidenote: He recently was tapped for the Broadway show Spiderman: Turn off the Dark as Grim Hunter. However, the mounting issues led to a Hiatus and then his role was cut along with the rest of the Geek Chorus.) All in all this is a fun listen. My Top 3 Fav tracks: 10 More Minutes with You, Kennedy, and Boys & Girls

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American also known as their self-titled album. This album came out in July of 2001, the record label was afraid that the name would be misconstrued (Bleed, American!) after 09/11/2001 so they changed it and the track name to re-release. Despite this small controversy the album sold very well and became the album this band is known for. They even had a successful re-release in 2008 and a ten year celebration tour (which of course i attended singing each word with the equally smitten masses) The lyrics in this album are extremely thoughful and can be applied to any emotional high,  personal crisis or pensive moment. My top 3 Fav Tracks: Praise Chorus, If you don’t, don’t and Hear you Me ( the current name of my iPod).

Hope you enjoy these picks and i will keep an ear out for the next album of the week! Don’t be surprised if next week has a bit of disco in it. Mourning yet another music legend this week, Donna Summer. She died of cancer today at the age of 63. So sad, I spent many Saturday nights listening to disco night on 98.1 and Last Dance wrapped it up each time.

Do-do-do Do-Di-do It’s time for … The Album of the Week!

Hello by Karmin

Karmin is:  Amy Heidemann (Lead Vocals) and Nick Noonan (Keyboard, vocals)

I just bought the album which was released yesterday 5/8/12

Amy is amazing, she is the clearest rapper I have ever heard. I found this group on You Tube after they covered Look at Me Now by– Chris Brown feat Busta Rhymes. Amy was able to belt out this song with amazing pacing and clarity! Busta Rhymes would be proud!

I really enjoy this duo because they have such a different style. I am one of those people complaining about the lack of originality in popular music today, so a group like this is a fast favorite. My iPod has been playing singer/songwriter stuff for about a year now and I think that this group might help push me out from under my musical rock.  If I had to compare this group to any other artist I would say that Amy does sound like a cheery version of Fergie when she raps. A bit nasally and she has a cute girl attitude when she spits her dope rhymes…yo.

Most of us have heard Brokenhearted on the radio in the past few weeks, there is one other song that I think will be released as their second single  Hello which is also the title of the album. These two tracks stick out above the rest, but if you enjoy this upbeat-synth-pop-rap style you will enjoy this album. It is on sale at iTunes for $6.99.

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