Album of the week – Time Travel edition… Early 2000s

So this week the new albums were less than amazing so i decided to go back into my vault and pick out three albums that are worth checking out:

The Strokes – I think we can all agree with Rolling Stone when they say that  Is This It? was one of the top albums of the 2000s. This album dropped in the U.S. in October of 2001 and after that you could actually see a change. The music began swaying to that addictive Indie Rock sound and even the fashion began to change. Dudes especially, started saying Good-bye sagging pants… Hello skinny jeans! It is rare when you can have such a significant shift from the success of one album. The music speaks for itself, you have upbeat melodies paired with Julian Casablancas‘ raspy voice and stellar lyrics. This is an album which will be on repeat for days and keep you entertained.  My Top 3 Fav tracks: Last Nite, SOMA, and Someday.

Kill HannahFor Never & Ever is a surprisingly great album. I had heard Kennedy on the radio a few times and thought it would be just another blip on the radar kind of band. A friend of mine insisted that I was wrong, burned me a copy purchased a copy legally, and presented me with it. I was automatically hooked. This band has a way with lyrics that makes you dig deep into the most primal emotions and run with it. Kill Hannah’s Lead Vocalist / Songwriter / Guitarist / Piano man Mat Devine is an amazing frontman. I had the pleasure of catching Kill Hannah while they were opening for Mindless Self Indulgence and I was blown away by their intensity as well as his utter androgeny. ( Nerdy Sidenote: He recently was tapped for the Broadway show Spiderman: Turn off the Dark as Grim Hunter. However, the mounting issues led to a Hiatus and then his role was cut along with the rest of the Geek Chorus.) All in all this is a fun listen. My Top 3 Fav tracks: 10 More Minutes with You, Kennedy, and Boys & Girls

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American also known as their self-titled album. This album came out in July of 2001, the record label was afraid that the name would be misconstrued (Bleed, American!) after 09/11/2001 so they changed it and the track name to re-release. Despite this small controversy the album sold very well and became the album this band is known for. They even had a successful re-release in 2008 and a ten year celebration tour (which of course i attended singing each word with the equally smitten masses) The lyrics in this album are extremely thoughful and can be applied to any emotional high,  personal crisis or pensive moment. My top 3 Fav Tracks: Praise Chorus, If you don’t, don’t and Hear you Me ( the current name of my iPod).

Hope you enjoy these picks and i will keep an ear out for the next album of the week! Don’t be surprised if next week has a bit of disco in it. Mourning yet another music legend this week, Donna Summer. She died of cancer today at the age of 63. So sad, I spent many Saturday nights listening to disco night on 98.1 and Last Dance wrapped it up each time.

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