Album of the Week: Superhero Edition!

Superhero mania…

Both summer hits The Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises had soundtracks with impressive scores, but for those of us who enjoy lyrics and melody over ambiance this post is for you.

I have been going through my library to seek out the perfect Superhero Soundtrack and I came across this album from a few years back, circa 2006. There are a few stand out Superhero songs that were left out, like 3 Doors Down Kryptonite and SuperHero by Jane’s Addiction. Though I think this compilation is pretty good on its own. The tracklist is made up of some original songs and others that are covered by some notable new bands.

So this week’s Album of the Week is:

Sound of Superman

    1. “Superman” – The Academy Is… (The Clique/R.E.M. cover)
    2. “It’s So Easy” – Plain White T’s
    3. “Wish I Could Fly Like Superman” – The Sun (The Kinks cover)
    4. “The Worst Part…” – Motion City Soundtrack
    5. “Sunshine Superman” – The Films (Donovan cover)
    6. “Save Me” – Maxeen
    7. “My Hero” – Paramore (Foo Fighters cover)
    8. “The Rescue” – American Hi-Fi
    9. “Saved” – The Spill Canvas
    10. “Meet Me At My Window” – Jack’s Mannequin
    11. “Waitin for a Superman” – Nightmare of You (The Flaming Lips cover)
    12. “Superman” – The Receiving End of Sirens (Stereophonics cover)
    13. “Brainiac’s Daughter” – Royal (The Dukes of Stratosphear cover)
    14. “You’re Never Gone” – Sara Routh

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