Do-do-do Do-Di-do It’s time for … The Album of the Week!

Hello by Karmin

Karmin is:  Amy Heidemann (Lead Vocals) and Nick Noonan (Keyboard, vocals)

I just bought the album which was released yesterday 5/8/12

Amy is amazing, she is the clearest rapper I have ever heard. I found this group on You Tube after they covered Look at Me Now by– Chris Brown feat Busta Rhymes. Amy was able to belt out this song with amazing pacing and clarity! Busta Rhymes would be proud!

I really enjoy this duo because they have such a different style. I am one of those people complaining about the lack of originality in popular music today, so a group like this is a fast favorite. My iPod has been playing singer/songwriter stuff for about a year now and I think that this group might help push me out from under my musical rock.  If I had to compare this group to any other artist I would say that Amy does sound like a cheery version of Fergie when she raps. A bit nasally and she has a cute girl attitude when she spits her dope rhymes…yo.

Most of us have heard Brokenhearted on the radio in the past few weeks, there is one other song that I think will be released as their second single  Hello which is also the title of the album. These two tracks stick out above the rest, but if you enjoy this upbeat-synth-pop-rap style you will enjoy this album. It is on sale at iTunes for $6.99.

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