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Ricky Reviews: The Signal

The Signal came to my attention a few months ago when the original trailer premiered. It looked like a fairly solid sci-fi thriller with a cast of unknowns supported by veteran Laurence Fishburne. I was intrigued by some of the surprises within the trailer. Take a look at what piqued my interest back in April.

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Thoughts of….”Oh Love” Music Video

Attention Rock Stars and even Rap stars for that matter:
Music + Scantily clad females does not a music video make!

Okay so I have been listening to Green Day’s single all week, mainly because my local rock station likes to beat new songs into our heads by over playing them between Nirvana and Sublime songs which are wonderful, but lose something when played on the hour every hour. Sorry for the negativity, lets move on…

Oh Love is Green Day’s newest single which we covered a month or so back . I love being able to hear the evolution in a band’s sound. Green Day’s sound feels close to their Warning album, but perhaps with a dash of Ritalin. Listen to their second single “Kill the DJ” to hear what I mean.

Okay back to the topic at hand; “oh love”‘s music video:

The video opens like a bad makeup ad; you have vapid models hanging out in the GD rehearsal area while these boys sing about their struggles with keeping emotions intact while their hearts war with their loins.
I think that with such a basic song like this the band could have pulled out a better music video. These women seem like mannequins and barely even convey that they are enjoying the music. Don’t get me wrong, in a song like this where lust is a big part of it beautiful women are essential. Just give me live women, not mindless shells. How is your heart getting confused when all you are staring at lies between her neck and belly button?

Towards the end of the video there are a few shots of the guys enjoying themselves drinking and laughing with these beautiful girls, but I just don’t see the tension building conflict of the song.

This is a rookie music video! Why? IMHO When a band is new and not comfortable with the theatrical aspect of shooting a music video they play the song and usually the label just throws some females and Gibson guitars in for good measure. (Replace Gibson guitars with whoever the band is endorsing in the video). I suppose I expect more from a veteran band.
Am I wrong? Please watch the video above and leave me a comment. Art is always up for discussion, even if it seems as empty as this video is.

The Dark Knight Rises Review

What You Need to Know:

Christopher Nolan wraps up his Dark Knight trilogy with a bang. Christian Bale returns to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne, aka the Batman. He’s joined by returning cast members Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. The incredible Tom Hardy joins the cast as the brutal Bane, along with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as Officer John Blake.

Eight years following the events of The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne has shut himself away into the newly rebuilt Wayne Manor. The Batman has gone missing since the Joker’s assault on Gotham and the tragic loss of Harvey Dent, Gotham’s White Knight. The violent and intellectual Bane has a plan to take down Wayne and all of Gotham.

Warning: While I try to avoid spoilers in my reviews, I will be spoiling portions of the first act. Hit the jump to read on. If you want to read what I thought and avoid spoilers, scroll past the “What I Thought” section and read “In Summary”.

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Do-do-do Do-Di-do It’s time for … The Album of the Week!

Hello by Karmin

Karmin is:  Amy Heidemann (Lead Vocals) and Nick Noonan (Keyboard, vocals)

I just bought the album which was released yesterday 5/8/12

Amy is amazing, she is the clearest rapper I have ever heard. I found this group on You Tube after they covered Look at Me Now by– Chris Brown feat Busta Rhymes. Amy was able to belt out this song with amazing pacing and clarity! Busta Rhymes would be proud!

I really enjoy this duo because they have such a different style. I am one of those people complaining about the lack of originality in popular music today, so a group like this is a fast favorite. My iPod has been playing singer/songwriter stuff for about a year now and I think that this group might help push me out from under my musical rock.  If I had to compare this group to any other artist I would say that Amy does sound like a cheery version of Fergie when she raps. A bit nasally and she has a cute girl attitude when she spits her dope rhymes…yo.

Most of us have heard Brokenhearted on the radio in the past few weeks, there is one other song that I think will be released as their second single  Hello which is also the title of the album. These two tracks stick out above the rest, but if you enjoy this upbeat-synth-pop-rap style you will enjoy this album. It is on sale at iTunes for $6.99.

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