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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty is a busy worker bee in the real world, but in his mind he is a range of adventurous, brave, and creative people. He jumps into burning buildings and sculpts hilariously over the top statuary. He says what he feels no matter how ridiculous it sounds. He is who he feels he should be… could have been. We follow him through a crazy month where one event threatens to undo 16 years of stable life. He is forced to step out of his comfort zone and borrow confidence that is typically reserved for his day dreamed persona.

I’ve just experienced The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I think releasing this movieskateboard around the holidays was a perfect choice because it has that perfect blend of heart and humor.

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The Perks of Being an advanced movie review…

It is hard to maintain the feeling you get while reading a book when you watch a movie. Film is so objective that you tend to lose parts that may feel essential to the reader. It stands to reason that the perfect way to overcome that obstacle is to have the author write the screenplay then direct the movie. Now, this may not always work, but for The Perks of Being a Wallflower… it did.

Stephen Chbosky did such an amazing job of adapting his book to the big screen. I was fortunate enough to watch it early, and even talk to the man myself! Okay perhaps I should mention that there were rows and rows of movie seats between us, but he looked right at me and answered the question I managed to scrape out of my cluttered mind… so yeah, it totally counts.

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