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Rap God (Explicit) – Eminem

“I make elevating music, you make elevator music.”

Eminem is still at the top of my list for favorite lyricist. This track really accentuates his skill, I have the lyrics for you after the jump and I must admit when I read them it felt like I was reading a mini-epic poem. Well, length wise. Give it a shot. Read More…

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience Volume 1.

Overall, the album is easy to listen to. Justin has this smooth voice that can transport you to the crooners of yesteryear and yet he has these beats that keep you grounded to the here and now. Suit and Tie is easily one of the best singles on the radio right now. His second single, Mirrors, is also breaking up the monotony of back to back Rihanna songs on every station.

Justin has this sound that is different than what most artist are doing in Pop music right now, but his core song inspirations have remained true to the persona he has created for himself though his solo career. Each song is meant to woo this beautiful young thing that has the potential to be his one true love. Each song pounds this message into your head and I am sure that it will be a hit, but perhaps I expect more. Read More…

Hey Music Nerds!

Music Bird

I was reading some of the previous Cheap Date articles and realized that there was something missing. MUSIC! I have hand picked a few albums set to be released next month and made sure to include some of their hits to remind you why you love these bands, or perhaps turn you on to some new music. Enjoy the list after the Jump! Read More…

New Music – Justin Timberlake

As previously reported, Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back… again. (Sorry I had to…) This time he has Jay-z featured on his comeback. Enjoy Suit & Tie!

Music News

2013 is starting to remind me of the early 2000s. Why you ask?

Well today Beyonce announced that she is working on a new album with Destiny’s Child. It is a compilation album of their previous hits with a brand new track. This is the first time these ladies have worked together since 2004.

Justin Timberlake has teased us with a video of him returning to the studio. News is thatĀ in 3 days we will hear his signature voice back on the airwaves. This album is something I am looking forward to because he is back in the studio with Timbaland. That is a great duo ladies and gents.

Pop music is about to get interesting.

Destiny’s Child new single Nuclear after the jump!

Click for updates Read More…

New Single – Bruno Mars’ Moonshine

I am excited for the release of Unorthodox Jukebox next month. “Moonshine” is the third single that Bruno Mars has released and it feels like a bit of a filler track for me. Perhaps he was listening to some vintage Michael Jackson while writing it, because I feel like I have heard this song before. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

New Music Video: Bruno Mars

This song has really grown on me as his new album Unorthodox Jukebox approaches. The video is not his usual throw him in a warehouse with some instruments video, though it is not a lyrical parallel either. I really enjoyed the effect and it made each scene feel like a memory that he will keep for years to come, yet empty because he has been Locked Out of Heaven. Such a fitting choice. This is his first single from the new album and I am sure we will hear more this weekend as he is both the host and musical guest on SNL. What do you think of the video? Will you be buying his new album on 12/11/12?

New Music – Bruno Mars’ Locked Out of Heaven

You have heard the tease… now enjoy the full song!

Bruno Mars is such a tease… Locked Out of Heaven Teaser Trailer

A little teaser for you Bruno Mars fans. Enjoy!

New Music: Ladies of Hump Day

Bringing you hump day treats with two new singles from ladies who know how to top the music charts: Rihanna and Ke$ha.

Rihanna new single – DiamondsĀ  ( Click to listen)

Well this barbados beauty is really working hard. This is her newest single from what will be her seventh album in eight years. Diamonds is a song we probably will be hearing on the radio non stop for the next couple weeks, and not because it is good, but because it is Rihanna. I have only listened through once, but I feel like it is missing something. The lyrics are unimaginative and full of cliche similies and the beat is kind of a let down. I am sure that after a few more listens it will grow on me, but there are only so many ways we are like diamonds… Read More…

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