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Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto cover and concept

As we wrote earlier this week Coldplay and Mark Osborne are teaming up for a six part comic book series based on the same character as their album: Mylo Xyloto. The panel at comic con will take place today ( at 1pm PST) and since the cat is basically out of the bag already they are able to tell us more. Read More…

Coldplay Comic Book Series: Mylo Xyloto

 Though not unheard of, the collaboration between the music world and comic world is still rare. I am not any sort of comic book aficionado, but when Umbrella Academy (written by Gerard Way front man of My Chemical Romance and illustrated by the oh so talented Gabriel Ba), was released I was well aware and even requested copies for myself. Today when reading Rolling Stone I came across this announcement of another comic series from the minds of Coldplay and decided to share.

During Comic-Con this week you may catch some news about a six part comic series, being published by Matt Groening‘s Bongo Comics Group, about the character Mylo Xyloto. The band Coldplay along with Mark Osborne an academy-award winning director and writer created this character a few years back with the storyline that inspired their latest album by the same name:

“It is the story of Mylo Xyloto, a young Silencer on the front lines of a war against sound and color in the world of Silencia. Mylo discovers that the enemy he’s been trained to hate his whole life might not be the enemy after all. There will hopefully be many, many connections for people who have heard the album.”

If this is something you fancy and you happen to be wading in the pool of nerdy bodies that is comic con this week there will be a panel to celebrate the first issue’s release on July 13th.

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