Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto cover and concept

As we wrote earlier this week Coldplay and Mark Osborne are teaming up for a six part comic book series based on the same character as their album: Mylo Xyloto. The panel at comic con will take place today ( at 1pm PST) and since the cat is basically out of the bag already they are able to tell us more.

“[The comic series] is the story of Mylo Xyloto, a young Silencer on the front lines of a war against sound and color in the world of Silencia. Mylo discovers that the enemy he’s been trained to hate his whole life might not be the enemy after all. Like many Silencers, he was raised in an orphanage and conditioned to be a Silencer from a very young age. Legions of Silencers were created after the Great War of Colors took many lives, including the lives of Mylo’s parents Aiko and Lela. That war threatened the safety of the citizens and strict measures were put in place to ensure it would never happen again. At the start of our story, Mylo is not so sure that all the propaganda and strict measures are legitimate, but he keeps these concerns close to his vest since they are just vague feelings that even his best friend Rex can’t quite support.”

So now that they get everyone excited about this series they drop the bomb that the first issue will be out today, but the rest will not be released until February 2013. Oh and you may wanna sneak your comic book guy a little extra to hold a copy for you as they will be limited. Perhaps I will have more info for you after the panel later on today. Stay Tuned!

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